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Hiring Phoenix Moving Help & Moving Labor

Phoenix moving help, otherwise known as labor only services, is an excellent option for those relocating to a new home or business, but using their own vehicles and transportation for the process. This type of service allows the customer more flexibility with their move, as well as price, than most other options offered by Mentors Moving.
Professional moving helpers will offer their expertise, experience, training, and equipment to ensure that your move goes smoothly and without a hitch, while leaving the transportation of your belongings up to you. Moving assistance means a team will pack and unpack, assemble and disassemble furniture, load onto and unload from your transportation of choice, and provide all the services one would typically expect from a full-service moving company, excepting the truck, as well as deploy all their typical moving equipment.
Along with the typical benefits, like saving time, relieving stress, and providing safety to objects and people alike, moving labor also provides you with convenience, control, and flexibility regarding your move. The expertise and extra helping hands will make any daunting move an absolute breeze, especially with well-trained crews like those at Mentors Moving!
Mentors Moving provides award-winning labor only services to not only Phoenix, but all of the Phoenix Metropolitan area which includes all of Maricopa County, and North Pinal County. 

Reasons for Hiring Moving Help in Phoenix

The reasons for hiring moving help by the hour are numerous:

Packing & Unpacking

Packing is a deceptively difficult and expensive part of any relocation, easily among the most tedious and tough tasks of moves residential or commercial. Phoenix area labor only services allow for this task to be handled by professionals, who will have the supplies, tools, and experience to make this part of your move quick and easy. Considering that improperly-done packing can result in broken items, this task is much better left to the professionals, while you focus your energy elsewhere. 

Loading/Unloading Moving Containers

Many who forgo employing a moving company’s truck instead use ordered moving containers, with name brands like Pods, Pack Rat, Reloc Cubes, SmartBox, and U-Pack. Our moving assistance team works well with these containers, and they will make the entire process much easier, with plenty of space for all of your belongings. At your request, Mentors Moving labor only crew will also be able to help you with unloading the container at its destination. 


Phoenix moving labor also includes moving in and out of self-storage units. Self-storage units are very useful for the typical storage arrangements, as well as other situations, such as closing taking longer than expected. The flexibility for such solutions is what makes them appealing, but the lack of help in relocating them can be daunting. With Mentors Moving’s moving helpers, loading or unloading your self-storage units will be a simple affair.

Freight Trailer Loading - Freight Moving Companies

For more sizable and serious relocations, it may be necessary to employ freight truck companies like Old Dominion Household Services or ABF U-Pack, which employ towed trailers not nearly identical to those you may find towed by Mentors Moving 18-wheelers. As with other containers, Mentors Moving labor only team is more than prepared to aid you in filling your trailer, taking extra care to make sure that your belongings are not damaged during the process, and are safely secured for the journey.

Truck Rental Loading/Unloading

Should you decide to use rental trucks for your move, like those available at U-Haul, Penske, Enterprise, or Budget, Phoenix professional moving labor is sure to be a great boon to you. With all the equipment and extra workforce, transferring your belongings to a rental truck will be a significantly easier process.

Remodel a Home

When remodeling a home, appliances, furniture, and other cumbersome objects need to be shifted around, assembled and disassembled, and/or moved off-site to a storage facility of some kind. Much better than doing this tiring and dangerous work yourself is hiring top-rated Phoenix moving labor services to do it on your behalf. The remodeling process will be significantly easier with the right team at your back!

Cost of Hiring Phoenix Moving Helpers

Like any other type of relocation, the cost of a labor only service in Phoenix is dependent on many factors. Unlike some forms of full-service moves, labor only services always charge on an hourly basis. By and large, the only way to get an accurate estimate on your final bill is to contact the company you intend on using by phone, or checking their website for an online quote form. At Mentors Moving, our quotes are always cost-free! 

The price you will pay for help moving is dependent on these factors:

Hire Mentors Moving for Phoenix Moving Help

The price you will pay for help moving is dependent on these factors:

When choosing a team to handle your labor for moving service needs, be certain to check Google and Yelp reviews, stats like how long they’ve been in business, quality of customer service, state of licensing and insurance, and what sort of equipment they have available.

No matter what sort of relocation you intend on undertaking, Mentors Moving Phoenix-area moving labor service will always be an immense help. Our excellent Google reviews speak to our wealth of satisfied customers whose moves we’ve seen to smooth completions. With well over 15 years of experience, our moving crew has the expertise and experience necessary to make sure your relocation goes off without a hitch! 

Tips & Resources for Phoenix DIY Moving

Should you decide to undertake moving by your lonesome, you might find this list of resources particularly useful:
Mentors Moving serves Phoenix, as well as all of the Phoenix Metropolitan area which includes all of Maricopa County, and North Pinal County.

Need help moving to or from Phoenix? Finding the right movers and laborers in Phoenix can be stressful. Reach out to Mentors Moving at 503-746-8795 or fill out the quote form online for an accurate quote!