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Hiring Bakersfield Moving Help & Moving Labor

Have you found yourself needing moving help or labor-only services but already have a means of transportation for your items? That’s when you’d hire reliable Bakersfield moving help like Mentors Moving! Labor-only help is a service only some moving companies offer—-moving help is for those who need an extra hand loading and unloading their own (or rental) truck. When labor-only moving help to assist you with relocating, you have the freedom of renting or driving your own truck, and your team will take care of the rest—-packing, wrapping, loading, and unloading. 


Hiring a team of professionals to assist you with your next relocation offers various benefits. You won’t bare the stress of coordinating a relocation or having to bother your friend and family for help transporting your belongings, not to mention the dangers of lifting heavy furniture without the right tools and materials. Plus, furniture (and medical bills) can get expensive—avoid costly damages to you and your property; hire Bakersfield moving help. 


Mentors Moving services all of Bakersfield, all of the Kern County area, and the Bakersfield-Delano Metropolitan Area 

Benefits of Moving Help

What Professional Bakersfield Moving Helpers Do:

Packing and unpacking –

Packing is a tedious task; don’t waste your time—have your Bakersfield labor help do it!

Assembly and disassembly of furniture –

Reliable transportation teams will take care of the confusing task of assembling and disassembling your furniture.

Loading the truck, container, etc

Your labor help will assist you in loading and unloading your rental truck or container. 

Unloading the truck, container, etc –

A reliable company would only offer loading services if they saw the job through! As a professional, trustworthy establishment would, Mentors Moving will unload any truck we load. 

Provide the same services as full-service move, just without the transportation/truck –

The purpose of hiring labor-only moving help in Bakersfield is to get the kush treatment of a full-service relocation, just minus the transportation. 

They bring all supplies, tools, property protective gear –

There is no need to hunt down boxes, blankets, and wrapping materials; your team will provide all the necessary supplies.

Movers are trained, professional, experienced, efficient, etc. –

Hiring professional help comes with all the amenities above, plus their valuable expertise. For example, Mentor Movers has been in service for over ten years. 

Reasons for Hiring Moving Help in Bakersfield

While Bakersfield is a particularly great place to live, with historic homes, great schools, and tons of City events and activities, there are many reasons people would like to call this place home. Before you attempt to take on this Bakersfield relocation endeavor alone, let’s talk about the reasons for hiring moving help in Bakersfield.

Load/unload a moving container

Moving help won’t just assist with truck loading; they’ll also load and unload your containers. Moving trucks aren’t for everyone; some prefer using container companies such as Pods, Pack Rat, and Reloc Cubes.

Why do people prefer moving containers over rental trucks? They’ll be cost-efficient and flexible. For example, most container companies provide drivers, just no hands-on help, allowing you to outsource to any relocation company you’d like to assist you. You can also order the containers one at a time, so you won’t have to worry about wasted space—just order them as you fill them up!

Freight trailer loading – Freight moving companies

Freight companies are most common for longer inter-state transitions. Freight trailers are similar to pods, but the company providing the services will transport (or ship) the trailer to your new address. 

Hybrid movers often utilize freight moving. It’s a way for them to get their belongings from point A to point B without having to be there or transport the goods physically. 


Professional moving help will take care of all your packing needs. Packing is a tedious task when relocating, and it can become very costly if you don’t have the necessary tools and equipment. Bakersfield moving-only labor services will handle the annoyance of perfectly packing all your beloved items—and after the packing is done, they’ll load and unload your rental truck, pod, or freight trailer. 

Truck rental loading/unloading

Truck rentals are a common relocation service. People like the flexibility of driving themselves as they don’t have to coordinate with others and also are responsible for their own items. 


Truck rentals are useful for small-medium size relocations considering you won’t need as much space. Using a rental truck for relocation assistance is a cost-efficient and effective way to change adresses the right (and safe) way! 


Considering using a truck rental company? These are popular truck rental companies U-haul, Budget, Penske, and Enterprise.

Self Storage move-in & move-out

Moving help can assist you with transportation your belongings in and out of a storage unit. Storage units are great if you need extra space or if your new home isn’t ready just yet.

Remodel a home 

You don’t have to be changing addresses to hire labor help. For example, during a home remodel, while the excitement of a new interior is motivating, things can become hectic and stressful. Appliances must be shifted or transported in and out of storage units. Instead of taking on this difficult task yourself, hire professional help to do the heavy lifting. 

Mentors Moving will price your job depending on these factors: 

Never hesitate to reach out, as we always offer free estimates!

Cost of Hiring the Bakersfield Moving Helpers

The cost of Bakersfield moving help depends on various factors, and help is priced differently than a full-service move. The best way to get a correct estimate is by contacting your Bakersfield moving company of choice and getting a free quote. 

Hiring Mentor’s Moving for Bakersfield Moving Help

Hiring a relocation team to assist you on your next big transition can take time and effort. While many companies claim to be the best of the best, that’s seldom the case. You should always look at their google and yelp reviews first, as well as their business stats. How long have they been in business? Are they licensed and insured? Do they have exceptional customer service? 

Mentor Moving is here to help you on your journey despite the distance or difficulty. Don’t just take our word for it; look at our excellent Google reviews of reference. We have over 15 years of experience and expertise to hold your hand during a (while exciting) stressful journey. 

Tips and Resources for Bakersfield DIY Moving

If you decide to take on this journey alone, here are some resources that may make the transition easier. 

How to calculate the square footage of your house

U-haul gas calculator

How to calculate cubic feet

Mentors moving is a pro company that has years of expertise and knowledge to assist during your next change of adress. We service all of Bakersfield, all of the Kern County area, and the Bakersfield-Delano Metropolitan AreaIf you need help with your next relocation, contact Mentors Moving at 503-746-8795 or fill out a form online to get an accurate quote!