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Mentors has been around for well over a decade and has built office and warehouse spaces in Phoenix, AZ, Santa Rosa, CA, and Bakersfield, CA! Mentors is considered Kern County’s best moving and storage company options for new and repeat customers since we serve the entire Bakersfield-Delano metropolitan area. Locating a more professional storage company is going to be exceptionally difficult with such a large customer base and so many positive reviews at each and every branch.

Storage Options in a Bakersfield Moving & Storage Company

In our modern warehouse, offering an ample 60,000 square feet of storage space, you can be sure that your property will be monitored 24/7/365 so that you can sleep soundly at night. Our warehouses have even been military approved for storage! We’ve made sure to customize and optimize the warehouses for every use case, offering a couple of viable storage options for our customers to choose from:

  • Vaults – The type of storage that most people are familiar with, giant wooden vaults are blocked and locked up for security purposes. Though they’re not climate controlled, the warehouses all stay within ideal humidity and temperature ranges so you can store most anything relating to your household or commercial items. We keep them stacked in the warehouses and can easily retrieve them when our customers need to access them. They look similar to this.
  • Pallets/Palletizing – Mentors Moving & Storage offers people looking for storage in Bakersfield, CA palletizing for safety! Individual larger items are frequently packaged carefully, separately, and sometimes discreetly on their own pallet. Once wrapped with shrink wrap or carefully crated, the items on the pallets are placed around the ground floor or in racks with a forklift. (Think exercise equipment, fine art, large breakables, and even pianos.)
  • Racking – Any of your items too large to fit in vaults but need to be stored separately from everything else can go in our racking storage. Our racking storage is ideal for FF&E for businesses, too.
  • Oversized – When you need to store large items like your prized piano, couch, or even a vault – our oversized storage can accommodate them.

Storage Details at Bakersfield’s Top Moving & Storage Company

When doing your research and considering what Bakersfield moving and storage companies you want to provide service for you, remember these key factors. They will be the most important elements composing an ideal storage experience. -This is true for any customer!

  • Space – The worst thing that can happen is trying to store too much stuff in too small of a space. Unexpected catastrophes are far more likely like valuables being crushed, racks breaking apart, or heaven forbid – fires breaking out! Efficiency is key but there is something to be said for the 60,000 square feet our warehouses contain!
  • Security – Can you imagine trying to find a Bakersfield, CA storage company and trying to sleep well at night when storing your items with a company that doesn’t have surveillance? We have 24/7/365 video surveillance and frequent foot traffic to deter unwanted riffraff trying to get into any of our customers’ belongings.
  • Protective materials and processes – If you need help packing away your valuables, that’s another service we’d be glad to offer. With well over a decade of experience transporting and storing valuables of all weights, shapes, and sizes, we know what’s best when it comes to crating, packaging, and storing. Let us help you make good decisions so your property remains perfectly cared for!

If you’re moving to Bakersfield then be sure to ask your moving coordinator about storage. This professional will make sure you understand all the steps necessary for receiving a proper storage experience. You’re paying for the service – make sure you’re going to get what you are paying for! Please check the feedback from all of our past customers so you know you’re making a decision that won’t put your property at risk.

Top Reasons People Store at a Bakersfield, CA Full Service Storage Company

Clients reach out to us to find reasonable storage rates for a whole slew of reasons. Since we’re a full service Bakersfield moving AND storage company, it’s no surprise to find out that the majority of our customers utilize our storage warehouses for short term reasons. Short term storage is considered to be no more than a few weeks to a month and it’s most often utilized when customers are moving into a new home or business and are trying to get things situated. That’s not the only time we provide storage though.

We certainly have customers that stow things away for long periods of time. Months to even years! Perhaps families are joining together and don’t need so many duplicate items in a small home, or maybe commercial businesses are working on long term renovations or slow relocations. The why isn’t as important as the knowledge that we can satisfy your Bakersfield storage needs for months to years at a time.

Some people have been known to utilize storage for university breaks as a student would in transition between semesters or school years. Still, others are content utilizing a storage facility to keep valuables and keepsakes safe, away from their homes. Like photo albums and memories children have made through the years of school crafts and art projects! Businesses use storage facilities to keep extra furniture around for future expansion. (It’s much cheaper for them to buy office tables, desks, file cabinets, and chairs in bulk.)

Since Mentors Moving and Storage has a 60,000 square foot warehouse space and 10 years of experience keeping your items safe, it’s a no brainer to look us up when you’re searching for Bakersfield-Delano metropolitan area storage options. We look forward to speaking with you about your unique situation if you give us a call at 661-215-6023, but if you’re not comfortable doing that, feel free to fill out the online form to get the ball rolling toward a free moving or storage quote! Remember… we service all of Kern County so there is no better licensed and insured moving and storage option for the area.