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California Intrastate Movers


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If you’re contemplating relocating to a new city in California, it’s no secret that this busy new chapter in your life can be stressful without professional help. During the move, there is a ton of logistics, heavy lifting, and transportation to manage, which is why hiring trusted California intrastate services is vital. Our reliable California in state movers serve all of Bakersfield, all of the Kern County area, and the Bakersfield-Delano Metropolitan Area. Our dedicated team has all of the skills, muscles, and experience necessary to make your same state move smooth and hassle-free.

What is a California Intrastate Move?

In case you’re wondering what the term “intrastate” means, think of it as a relocation occurring within the state of California that’s typically beyond 100 miles from one property to the other. The statewide move is often considered to be long-distance as opposed to local for that matter. On the flip side, “interstate” is when the move is out-of-state – from California to Nevada, for instance. 

Why do people consider California in state moves to begin with? While there are a load of different reasons that can lead to this decision, there are a few recurring situations that stand out. One of which is a change in employment thanks to all the diverse job opportunities the state has to offer. Furthermore, California is home to five major climate types – so when someone wants a change of pace, they can move to a different part of the state. Intrastate moves in California can also take place due to family-related matters. This occurs when someone wants to be closer to certain family members – so much so that they are willing to relocate across the entire state to make it happen.

Other common reasons for interstate moves in California include moving to a new college or university, housing-related reasons, or the desire for a different population density. For example, one might prefer a more rural setting in the country than an urban setting in the city. 

How to Move Within California with Mentors Moving

The easiest way to relocate within California is to hire a full service Bakersfield intrastate moving company. It’s good to know what to expect in an intrastate move before getting started. Below are a few quality services our team at Mentors Moving can help out with:

  • Having our dedicated moving coordinator coordinate and plan your relocation from start to finish
  • Bring grade-A boxes and up-to-date packing materials
  • Disassemble, lift, and carry your bulky furniture
  • Packing your delicate items in a way that prevents damage or scratches
  • Load the boxes and bulky furniture into our new fuel-efficient trucks
  • Carefully transport your belongings from point A to point B
  • Unload everything at the new location
  • Unpack the boxes and place them where you request
  • Reassemble your furniture in the proper spot
  • Appliance moving (not including disconnecting/connecting)

You can expect several additional benefits that these services provide for your statewide move. One of which is the fact that the process will go by faster. This will save you a lot of time that could be spent on more important matters. You can also have peace of mind knowing that all the complicated details of the transfer are being taken care of. Our California in state moving company will handle all that heavy lifting and arduous labor so you and your belongings remain as safe as possible. These are just a few of the many reasons our services are exceedingly valuable.

How Much is a California In State Move?

In case you’re curious about how much it costs to hire California intrastate movers, take note that Mentors Moving ensures budget-friendly yet competitive pricing. You can expect accurate and affordable California in state movers rates

Our team provides free quotes when you’re ready to receive a cost estimate. The final rate you receive is influenced by the following factors: 

The weight and overall volume of items to transfer

The miles to travel between the new and current location

The day of the week and time of year the relocation takes place; weekends, holidays, and peak seasons often come with higher costs

How many crew members are required to get the job done

Any additional services purchased such as piano moving, storage, or packing

Prior to requesting professional services with Mentors Moving, be sure to inquire about a California intrastate moving company quote. You can choose whether we should come up with an estimate virtually or in-home. Most clients prefer virtual estimates considering they don’t have to worry about physically being anywhere at any specific time.

Choosing the Best California Statewide Movers

It’s important to hire the best California in-state moving company if you want to have the most convenient and stress-free experience possible. To ensure you pick out the best California in state moving company for you and your individual needs, follow the steps below to help narrow down your options. 

You can also ask about the following items when speaking to a representative:

  • Trucks
    • What is the age of the trucks being used?
    • What truck size is available?
    • How frequently are the trucks cleaned and maintained?
    • What general equipment do the trucks utilize? This can include:
      • Tape
      • Furniture blankets
      • Dollies – furniture and box
      • Straps
      • Shrink wrap
      • Extra boxes
      • Wardrobe boxes
      • Toolboxes


  • Moving crew
    • Does the team receive special training?
    • How long have the employees worked for the company (on average)?
    • How well does the crew work together?


  • Technology
    • Do you utilize special software, GPS, or truck tracking?

Our certified and professional team at Mentors Moving performs over 1,200 successful moves each year and maintains excellent customer reviews on Google. All of our 30+ employees have undergone an intensive 160-hour training program that ensures they provide the best possible services for you and your family.

For all of Bakersfield, all of the Kern County area, and the Bakersfield-Delano Metropolitan Area, our experienced Bakersfield in state moving company is here to provide you with a stress-free statewide move. Get started by reaching out to us at 661-215-6023!