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Bakersfield Apartment Movers With Mentors Moving


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Preparing for your upcoming move to or within Bakersfield? For individuals traveling 50 miles or less, your move is best served by local relocation services. Even if you’re just moving down the road, there are an infinite number of tasks that go into a smooth, stress-free relocation experience. Organizing your belongings, packing all items up carefully, making storage arrangements, finding a new place to live, and transporting your moving boxes can add up to hours of time and hassle.

For those who are moving to an apartment in Bakersfield, there are added considerations. Multi-level complexes, strict move-in dates, lease signing, and parking restrictions are all added stressors that enter the picture. How can you avoid the frustration involved with this type of relocation? Hire the best Bakersfield apartment movers to handle it all for you! Serving all of Bakersfield, all of the Kern County area, and the Bakersfield-Delano Metropolitan Area, we are proud to be the region’s leading apartment moving company.

Hiring Professional Bakersfield Apartment Movers - Top Reasons

Curious about the pros and cons of working with a Bakersfield apartment moving company? Rather than take on the stress and time consuming work involved with an apartment move, you can enjoy the following benefits.
Eliminate stress
  • Work with a dedicated moving coordinator
  • Comprehensive services guarantee that you won’t lift a finger
  • No need to call friends and family for help
  • Movers handle all planning and organizing
  • No risk of costly damage to your new apartment
Save hours upon hours of time
  • Have all details planned and handled for you
  • Concentrate on other important parts of your life
  • Focus on other apartment moving tasks
  • Enjoy an efficient relocation experience
Expert packing services and skills
  • Skip the tedious work involved with packing up your home
  • Our team uses proven packing techniques to greatly reduce the risk of anything being damaged or broken
Have all packing supplies brought directly to you
  • Avoid paying too much for materials
  • We only use professional-grade materials and supplies
  • Eliminate the chance of sustaining an injury during your relocation
Additional services provided
  • Assembly and disassembly of big furniture items
  • Taking moving boxes to their assigned rooms
  • Arranging of furniture

In addition to these ultra helpful perks, there are many more reasons to hire professional movers for apartments. We are cognizant of all of the unique challenges that go into an apartment relocation. You can rest assured that our procedures and best practices take into consideration protection of all common areas (e.g. elevators, hallways, landscaping) so that your security deposit is safe. We are also careful not to track dirt or debris into these same common areas so that we leave both the complex — and your apartment — in its original condition.

When compared to moving into a single-story home, apartment moves require much more time and heavy lifting. Skip the muscle aches, sprains, and fatigue that is involved with hauling your furniture, moving boxes, and other belongings across long distances.

Bakersfield Apartment Moving Requires Specialized Equipment & Training

Hiring dependable, well-trained, and highly skilled Bakersfield apartment movers is of the utmost value for your upcoming journey. In addition to providing a trustworthy, experienced crew, we also supply professional-grade equipment, materials, trucks, tools, and more.

Here is just a sample of the resources you’ll receive when working with Mentors Moving:

  • Specialized moving boxes
  • Trucks
    • Properly maintained & regularly cleaned
    • Multiple sizes of trucks
    • Standard equipment on every local move in the truck
      • Toolbox
      • Straps
      • Furniture blankets
      • Dollies – furniture and box
      • Wardrobe boxes
      • Extra boxes
      • Shrink wrap
      • Tape
  • Dedicated moving crew
    • All staff completes an intense 160 hour training program
    • 30+ team members
    • 1,200+ moves per year

Thanks to all of our top-rated equipment, tools, and outstanding staff of movers, we are able to offer an unparalleled apartment moving experience for all of our clients. We treat all of your belongings — as well as your new residence — as if they were our own.

How Much Does a Bakersfield Apartment Move Cost?

Want an accurate idea of how much your Bakersfield apartment move will cost? A wide array of factors are used to determine your costs. This includes what floor you’re located on, the size of your apartment, the number of services you need, your move-out and move-in dates, and the volume of your belongings.

What’s the best way to get a precise idea of how much you can plan to spend? Contact our Bakersfield movers for a free custom quote.

How to Choose the Best Bakersfield Apartment Moving Company

What’s the best strategy for choosing the best Bakersfield apartment movers? Have full confidence in your decision when taking the following steps:
Read client testimonials
Check out all relevant trust stats (e.g. claims rates, years in business, referral rate)
Verify proper licensing and insurance
Read about the equipment that is used
Ensure that they give great customer service
At Mentors Moving, we are pleased to exceed every imaginable expectation. We successfully handle over 1,200 moves every year — both local and long distance — and are dedicated to delivering an amazing customer experience. We service all of Bakersfield, all of the Kern County area, and the Bakersfield-Delano Metropolitan Area. Contact us today at 707-205-3548 to reserve your services.