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There are many situations during a relocation that create the need for storage. Maybe you’re ready to move out of your home but haven’t closed on your new home yet, or maybe you’re furnishing your new home with all new furniture and need to store your existing furniture until you sell it or find a place to donate it. Whether you need short term or long term storage during your move, Mentor’s Moving is your solution for your Phoenix storage needs, including all of the Phoenix Metropolitan area, Maricopa County, and North Pinal County.

Storage Options in a Phoenix Moving & Storage Company

Mentor’s Moving offers a variety of storage options.

The type of storage used depends on what you’re storing – what size it is, how much it weighs, and whether you need short or long term storage. Common options include:

  • Vaults – our warehouse features wood vaults that are secured from outside access. They’re ideal for common household goods. If needed, we also have climate-controlled vaults.
  • Palletized – to keep your items off the warehouse floor and for ease of transporting, we offer palletized storage.
  • Racking – if your items won’t fit in our vaults, we offer racking.
  • Oversized – your couch, piano, or boat won’t fit on a rack or in a vault, but we can still accommodate your large items in the warehouse.

Storage Details at Phoenix’s Top Moving & Storage Company

There’s many reasons why Mentor’s Moving & Storage is among the top Phoenix moving and storage companies. Our 30+ crew members undergo an intensive 160 hour training program and complete over 1,200 relocations annually. We’ve moved over 100,000 offices, and both our residential and commercial customers have used our state-of-the-art warehouse storage facility to make their relocations go smoothly when there was no where to put everything!

When you’re researching Phoenix full service storage and moving companies, take a look at:

Storage Facility Costs and Benefits

It is quite affordable to use a storage facility operated by your moving company. Your exact price will depend on the number of vaults or pallets your items require, and how long your items will remain in storage.

At Mentor’s, we store and protect your belongings in our 60,000 square foot, military-approved warehouse. You can feel confident your items are secured as we have 24/7 monitoring in place. Unlike other Phoenix storage options which do not allow you to access your items in storage yourself, you can personally access your items in our facility if you provide us with 72 hour notice. We’re also insured to protect your items while they’re with us, and we take an inventory of items going into storage and provide you with a copy when you utilize our services.

We have several climate-controlled vaults and all storage packages come with free pad wrap for furniture to protect your items from damage.

Top Reasons People Store at a Phoenix Full Service Storage Company

Over 41% of storage facility customers require the service during a move. Most moving-related storage needs are short-term, meaning the items are in storage for three months or less. Here are the most common reasons people look for storage services in combination with their relocation:

If your downsizing from a large home into a smaller one, you’ll probably need a place to put all of the extra items that won’t make the move with you into your smaller home until you donate or sell it. Placing the furniture and items into storage allows you to get settled into your new place and then take your time deciding what to do with everything else.

Sometimes people put items into storage when they’re trying to sell a home, in order to declutter and stage their home nicely for prospective buyers.

A very annoying, yet common reason people end up needing storage facilities is when the closing date gets moved back. When you have to exit your current property before you can move into your new one, you need a place to put everything in that in-between time period.

Finally, some families require storage when consolidating their homes – such as when a couple moves in together or when an elderly parent moves in with their adult child. There isn’t usually enough room for everything from multiple homes in one place, so a storage facility can help you transition and decide later what to do with anything you no longer need.

What Do People Put Into Storage?

The list of what people do NOT store is shorter than a list of what they do! Household goods, like packed boxes, appliances, and furniture are among the top items placed into storage, along with personal possessions that may hold sentimental value to people. Beyond the every day items, it’s also commonplace for people to store collections, their wine collection, musical instruments including the piano, art work, and ATVs.

If you’re doing your own packing and intend to put some items into storage, make sure there is nothing flammable – like gasoline, pain, explosives, propane tanks, fertilizer, or fireworks. These items cannot be stored. You also cannot store plants, medication, or perishable food. Use clear plastic bins with lids instead of cardboard boxes and it will make it easy to find what you’re looking for once the items are in storage – but if you decide to use boxes, be sure to label them clearly.

When storing large furniture, disassemble them first. Not only will you save space in your storage unit but it’s easier to protect them against damage when they’re in manageable pieces.

Business Storage Needs

Our storage warehouse is also ideal for business needs, including office furniture, computers, FF&E, and files. If you’re relocating your office or need overflow space for products before they ship, our warehouse is an excellent option.

If you’re moving and need to place items into storage, call the top movers and storage company in Phoenix at 480-376-1009! We serve all of the Phoenix Metropolitan area, Maricopa County, and North Pinal County. Call today or fill out the form on our website for a free quote.