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Arizona is one of the top states people are moving to, but for all its appeal, there may be many reasons you’re ready to leave Phoenix. Maybe you want to stay in AZ but you’re moving to Tucson, the most common move destination from Phoenix, for job opportunities, to be closer to family, or for a different lifestyle. If you’re leaving the state, you may be considering Seattle, Dallas, or another metro area for work, a different climate, or less urban sprawl.

No matter where you’re moving, a long distance or interstate move is one of the most stressful things you will ever do. Why do it alone? A professional long distance moving company in Phoenix makes your relocation easier than you imagined possible with the logistics, heavy lifting, packing, and transportation handled by experts.

What Is a Phoenix Long Distance Move?

When hiring Phoenix long-distance movers, you may notice a lot of terms used to describe different moving services. It’s important to understand how moves are defined because it impacts not only the pricing but what you need to look for in a mover.

Local moves are usually within 60 or so miles of the origin. At Mentors Moving & Storage, we consider moves within Maricopa County and North Pinal County to be local moves. A relocation to the suburbs of Phoenix from the city would be local. If you’re moving outside the area, you will need a long-distance moving company. For instance, a move from Phoenix to Portland would need long distance or out-of-state movers.

What’s the difference between a local and long distance move? You can expect different pricing. Local moves usually have hourly mover rates while long distance relocations typically have flat-rate prices.

Long-distance moves can be broken down into other types:

An interstate move is a relocation across state lines, no matter the total distance. You will need a licensed interstate moving company with a USDOT number to handle your move as these moves are federally regulated – even if your move is just a few miles total!

An intrastate move is a relocation within the same state but outside the local move radius. Moving from Phoenix to Tucson is an example of an intrastate move.

A cross country move can refer to a move from one region to another, across multiple state lines, or from the West to East Coast. A Phoenix to Chicago move would be considered cross country.

How to Move Across the Country with Mentors Moving & Storage

Any relocation can be stressful and complicated, but a long distance move can be particularly difficult to plan and coordinate. Hiring interstate movers in Phoenix can make your transition easier, less stressful, and far less physically challenging.

Once you know the type of move, you can choose the best long distance moving company that offers the services and expertise you need. At Mentors Moving & Storage, we handle all types of long distance relocations to all 50 states, Mexico, and Canada. To make sure your move is seamless and nothing is overlooked, consider the services you need:

Our full-service interstate movers can handle all the logistics and hard work. Your home will be protected, belongings carefully packed with the right techniques, and everything loaded and secured with specialized equipment. We maintain a dedicated fleet of trucks and trailers for out-of-state moves with the same driver completing your move. Our drivers are employees, not independent contractors!

We handle over 1,200 successful relocations every year. When you choose Mentors Moving & Storage for your long-distance or interstate move, you can count on:

Phoenix Long Distance Moving Quotes | How Much Do Long Distance Movers Cost in Phoenix?

You’ve probably heard countless times about how expensive it is to move. While long-haul moves are always costly, getting help from professional interstate moving companies is more affordable than you may think compared to a DIY move!

Mentors Moving & Storage offers flat-rate guaranteed pricing for long-distance moves. You will know your interstate moving cost upfront without surprise. You will know your interstate moving cost upfront without surprises.

Phoenix interstate moving costs are difficult to predict as your cost will be based on:

Your moving dates
 Total distance between origin and destination
 Weight or volume of your belongings
 Accessibility issues
 Number of movers needed
 Requested services like packing
 Specialty items
 Storage needs

Choosing the Best Cross Country Moving Company in Phoenix, AZ

It pays to do your research before hiring Phoenix cross country movers. Moving is stressful enough; the last things you should be worried are hidden fees, damaged heirlooms, or waiting forever for your belongings to show up.

Here’s what you should look for to get dependable interstate moving services:

Mentors Moving & Storage was founded in 2006 and now boasts four locations in Phoenix and three California markets. We take pride in holding ourselves to higher standards. We only employ skilled, dependable movers who are hardworking and fully vetted. Our team of local and long distance movers complete our in-depth 160-hour training program to make sure we deliver the quality results you expect.

Ready for a worry-free move to your new home? We’re ready to help every step of the way. Give us a call at 480-619-8240 or fill out the form for a free, personalized moving estimate from our friendly team!