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Completing a successful international move takes tons of planning, organizing, and coordinating, and is hard to do unless you’ve experienced the tedious process. While all types of relocations are taxing, international moves can be especially complicated and stressful. Mentors Moving wants to help you take your life abroad! We have the skills, experience, and resources to safely transport your possessions to your new address.


What Is A Bakersfield International Move

Whether you’re traveling overseas or to a neighboring country like Mexico or Canada, this is considered an international move. A significant amount of planning goes into relocating abroad. Put simply, an international move means Bakersfield international movers load your household goods, loader containers, or crates, and ships them out from your origin to your destination.

Here is a more in-depth look at the process.

The origin agent

Your move starts with your origin agent. This agent is based near your current address and works for the moving company you’ve hired. They come into your home, evaluate your goods, home accessibility, number of items (or anything else that affects the price), then provide you with an accurate and affordable quote.

The freight forwarder

Freight forwarders manage the importing and exporting of your belongings. They handle shipping consolidation, cargo insurance, booking cargo space, preparation of shipping documents, and much more. They’re not responsible for picking up or transporting your items; they’re merely the main coordinators.

Consolidating warehouse

When moving overseas, your belongings are put in a heavy-duty container. There are two types of containers, the Full Container Load (FCL) and Less than Container Load (LCL) . FCL are for large moves that have enough items to fill one large container. FCL is when your items will join other cargo at a consolidating warehouse to be shipped out.

Export/origin port

Once your items are safely on a shipping container and awaiting their voyage, they’re brought to a loading dock, where they will be loaded onto a shipping line vessel. This port is called Export Port, Origin Port, or Origin Port of Departure (OPD). Keep an eye out for when you receive your quote, as sometimes this charge is not included. If you don’t see “Origin Port Fees” or “OTHC” (Origin Terminal Handling Charges) talk to your origin agent to avoid any hidden fees. 

The shipping line or carriers

The ship line or carrier, the owners of the ship (or truck) that is transporting your goods, is responsible for providing the document called a “Master Bill of Lading”. This receipt will summarize all the items shipped and the transfer of a shipment.


Destination port

The destination port is where your goods finally meet land. Your moving coordinator handles manual labor, coordination, and paperwork. If you see charges like “Destination Port Fees” or “Destination Terminal Handling Charges” on your estimate, those are typical and cover charges incurred at the  destination port.


Not all countries have the same customs regulations and some are more difficult to obtain clearance from than others. While they await clearance, your items are stored in a customs warehouse. Your moving company will provide you with any necessary information about customs and what you should expect.

Destination agent

The company you hired will organize and coordinate your relocation.Upon arrival, it is common to be put in touch with a destination agent; this is especially true if you don’t speak the native language.
Moving overseas is difficult, especially if you’re trying to do it alone. There are many confusing  logistics that go into the move-process of an out-of-country relocation. Between insurance and other complicated documents, this is not a journey you should attempt without professional help. If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask Mentors Moving, the professional Bakersfield international movers.

How to Move Overseas With Mentors Moving

The easiest way to handle an international move is by hiring a full service international moving company like Mentors Moving. Here’s what to expect with working with trained professionals.

How Much Does a Bakersfield International Move Cost?

The cost of international moving services will depend on variables that are unique to each relocation. While we can’t provide you with the exact price without knowing the specifics, here is what we consider when calculating an estimate.

Whether you need a FCL or LCL (covered above), a container ship (for oversea moves) or a truck (for countries like Canada or Mexico),there are three main shipping container sizes:

  • 20 feet long – allows for 1,172 cubic feet of volume or 33.2 square meters
  • 40 feet long – allows for 2,120 cubic feet of volume or 60 square meters
  • There is even a 40 foot high taller cube
Unless you have a large amount of items, you will likely need a LCL move. The estimate will determine what size container you will need. While not every aspect is in the hands of the mover (like the distance of the move or the time of year) some are, (like the amount of items you bring and requested additional services).

The final affordable quote will be based off these factors:
The best way to receive an affordable quote is by reaching out to a trusted Bakersfield international shipping company. You can request an origin agent to come to your property to evaluate your goods and provide a quote, or you can take an online survey where the quote can be provided virtually. 

International moves are complicated; trust us, we’ve done a lot of them! But Mentors is here to provide our expertise, ensuring the logistics of the relocation are managed professionally.

International Moving Tips from Bakersfield

When you hire a team to handle your international relocation, it results in a stress-free and smoother move. While Mentors Moving will be handling most aspects of the move, here are our top tips to ensure the move process goes smoothly.  

  • Research your destination country
  • Apply for visa and work permits 
  • Gather important documents like passports, birth certificates, driver licenses, etc.
  • Declutter your home; an organized home is much easier to pack 
  • Book your flight tickets and hotel rooms 
  • Make sure your cell phones will work internationally; contact your service company for this information 
  • Health is wealth; determine your health insurance situation 
  • Look into opening a bank account overseas prior to leaving

Agencies and Resources for International Moving

Choosing the Best Bakersfield International Movers

It’s not easy to find reputable overseas moving companies. You want to choose an established company that’s been through the process before and has the reviews to prove it. Before committing to a team, take a look into the company you’re planning to hire.

Always consider these factors before making your final decision:
Mentors Moving ensures our crew members are equipped with 160 hours of top-tier training. Our guys know everything there is to know about properly disassembling and reassembling your valuable furniture and transporting your delicate goods.Our crew will handle your shipment with care and can provide a full service move to your new home. We complete around 1,200 movers per year; we have the experience necessary for a successful international move.
International relocations are nearly impossible to carry out on your own and can be costly if you don’t have an affordable Bakersfield international mover. Our highly trained crew at Mentors Moving are efficient, fast, and careful; we will make your international move feel like a breeze. For the most accurate and affordable international moving quote, call us at (661) 215-6023.