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Local Moving Services With Mentors Moving

Are you preparing for a relocation within 50 to 100 miles away from your current location? Trusted local movers like the team here at Mentors Moving & Storage is the perfect way to experience a simple and smooth transition to your new home close by.

Serving the areas of Phoenix, AZ as well as the California communities of Bakersfield, San Luis Obispo, and the Santa Rosa, our trained local moving company understands that even changing to a nearby location can be a stressful and difficult process.

Defined by laws set forth by the states of Arizona and California, reliable local moving companies start and end their relocation processes on the same day. This means one team will arrive and complete the entire job in one day.

You can rely on Mentors Moving to handle each stage of your transition efficiently and in a timely manner.

Why Should you Hire Professional Local Movers? Top Reasons

What are the benefits of hiring a reputable local moving company like Mentors Moving? First and foremost, the biggest perk to getting this extra help is the chance to enjoy a stress-free relocation without the hassle of tackling everything on your own.

Paired with this peace of mind, their industry experience will be the key to a more productive process that saves you time and energy. Premier local movers know all the best ways to protect your home and your belongings through each and every step. They will set up barriers to safeguard your walls, shrinkwrap items, and effectively use bubble wrap to keep fragile items from breaking.

Most people are mainly intimidated by the massive undertaking that comes with having to pack. It can be tough to know how to wrap things properly to ensure they make it to the new destination in one piece. But with a helpful local moving company, you can avoid this time-consuming procedure and know your items are secure throughout the journey.

While you may be able to move some things by yourself or with the help of your family, quality local moving services can save your back from a whole lot of pain by doing it for you. They’ll handle everything from the bulky and heavy furniture to the simple and small possessions around your home.

Among the biggest advantages to getting assistance from nearby local movers is the moving materials and supplies they’re able to provide for your relocation.

Does Local Moving Require Specialized Equipment & Training?

Whether you’re moving within the Phoenix metropolitan area or somewhere in Bakersfield, San Luis Obispo, or the Santa Rosa region, every local relocation will call for special equipment and the knowledge of how to use it safely. A team like Mentors Moving & Storage has the skills and training to do everything needed for a successful move.

Even when it comes to loading up a cardboard box, it’s important to realize how much it can hold without the bottom follow out. If not done properly, issues can quickly arise and cause injury to those who are helping you move. That’s where highly-trained local movers come in to save the day.

Along with correct packing procedures, expert local moving companies bring the tools necessary to make the job easier. From dollies and furniture blankets to shrink wrap and tie-downs, you can trust that they’ll have all the gear needed to do it right. Using items like these makes it much simpler to get through doors, up ramps, and into the moving trucks.

Speaking of trucks, a dependable local moving company will have its own dedicated trucks that are well taken care of and large enough to handle your transition. Whether you need a 20-foot truck, a 26-footer, or more than one to complete the job, they’ll be on-site to transport your belongings.

As added protection, these specialized trucks are even equipped with tracking devices and GPS signals to ensure they make it to your new location.

How Much Does a Local Move Cost?

You may be wondering about local moving company rates for a relocation around Phoenix, Bakersfield, San Luis Obispo, or Santa Rosa. Short distance movers like Mentors Moving & Storage make it a quick and painless process to get a quote from a representative on our team.

To make sure we can provide you with a fair and accurate relocation estimate, one of our knowledgeable local movers will discuss a variety of factors with you including:

  • Where you are moving
  • How many items will need to be relocated
  • The amount and type of furniture you have
  • Ways we can access your property if it is an apartment or a condo
  • The number of movers needed for the job
  • Any special services you will require

These details will make it much easier for our affordable local moving company to give you a clear idea of what your move will cost. You can trust that the price will be within your budget and that the level of care and customer service you receive will be worth the investment.

If you have any questions about the cost to hire local movers in one of the areas we serve, please feel free to ask one of our professional team members!

How Do You Choose the Best Local Moving Company

Finding the top local moving services can be much easier than you may think. While you should always search for a licensed and insured team that serves your area, there are a few extra things to consider when picking the right crew for the job.

Start by checking out online reviews about top-rated local movers to learn more about their reputation and what past customers have experienced with their services. This information may give you crucial insight into how they treat clients, things they are good at, as well as things they may struggle with at times. Positive local movers reviews on Google and Yelp are a good sign that they’ll take good care of you.

The next step should be to answer questions about the company itself and its history serving your area. This can include details about how long they have been around, the number of moves they’re able to handle in a year, and whether they provide the solutions you need.

Mentors Moving & Storage surpasses all expectations as we conduct more than 1,200 relocations per year and have built a strong reputation since starting in 2006. Our trustworthy local movers go through a meticulous 160-hour training program to ensure they know all of the most effective ways to help with a relocation close by. And with over 30 members on our team, you can rely on us to always have enough hands to serve you.

Your Top-Rated Local Movers

Ready to start planning your local move in Phoenix, Bakersfield, San Luis Obispo, or the Santa Rosa area? Count on Mentors Moving & Storage to get you to your new home safely.

Give a call today at 800-555-1212 to learn more about our friendly local movers or complete the Request a Quote form above for a free local moving estimate!

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