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Moving a Piano in Phoenix with Mentors Moving

Proper care, loving attention, and protection against damage are just a few of the many factors that go into ensuring your priceless piano is well preserved. Whether it was passed down from your great-great-grandparents who fought in WWI or purchased from a seller on eBay, it doesn’t matter where the piano came from– it still deserves love! If not handled properly, all pianos are vulnerable to damage regardless of age. This especially applies when your changing location and need to transport the piano from one place to the other. At Mentors Moving, Phoenix piano movers will ensure your precious piano is cared for by trained professionals. This will allow you to have peace of mind and not be concerned about the smooth shiny surface and harmonious musical sound of the piano being disrupted. Among the several different types of pianos, our team moves upright, digital, baby grand, and grand pianos.

The pianists out there are probably aware that the primary makeup of most pianos is luxurious, high-quality wood whereas molten iron, metal, and steel wire follow behind. Regarding their worth, the price for a piano can cost from $200 for digital to $200,000 or more for a grand. Keyboard, upright, and baby pianos range in between. However, there is no surprise in why hefty price tags often come with these treasured instruments. Many pianos are hand-crafted, are made of over 10,000 moving parts, and can scale in at over 800 pounds! And that’s not to mention how they stand as a complex musical mechanism and incredibly charming showpiece in many people’s homes. Considering how much they’re worth, attempting a DIY piano move is rather risky. To name a few, you or a loved one could be physically injured, the piano could be destroyed, or your property could be damaged if you avoid help from an experienced Phoenix piano moving company. The wisest option is to allow a reliable company to deal with all the arduous piano moving work.

Mentors Moving serves the Phoenix Metropolitan area which includes all of Maricopa County, and North Pinal County.

Top Reasons to Hire Professional Phoenix Piano Movers

Why not save an extra buck and relocate the piano by yourself? Well, moving a piano on your own could end up costing a fortune if anything doesn’t go as planned. This is a strenuous and time-consuming process that requires a lot of lifting, carrying, and loading by several muscular people. It’s best to hire a professional piano relocation team that ensures the heavy instrument doesn’t lose any of its value and charm during the transferring process. 

Stop and think about all the things that could go south if you don’t have a cautious crew to relocate your precious, breakable piano: it gets chipped and scratched by the walls on the way out, it drops and falls down the stairs and shatters, it tumbles on top of a person or pet, and so on. Experienced Phoenix piano movers are trained for this difficult task and will ensure that none of these horrific events come to place.

Phoenix Piano Movers Require Specialized Equipment & Training

Lacking the proper techniques and materials for moving a piano is like playing with fire– someone’s bound to get hurt! Bringing the appropriate and up-to-date equipment is one of the many things that professional piano movers are experts at. Some of the utilized equipment includes specialized piano dollies for moving the instruments across the ground, stair rollers for transporting it up and downstairs, ramps and liftgates for lifting it into the company truck, and tie-down straps like skid boards and board straps for securing it into the truck. This incredibly important step will keep it from getting thrown around in the vehicle on the way to your new home. Shrinkwrap and moving blankets are also used as extra protection to keep the piano from scratching, chipping, or denting along the way.

Before choosing a moving crew, you want to make sure they have plenty of experience preparing, disassembling, carrying, transporting, and reassembling pianos. Having your property damaged by a service you paid for is no fun. Mentors Moving ensures the trained crew showing up at your house knows exactly what they’re doing regarding moving the piano. You can kick back and relax knowing you won’t be dealing with an amateur crew trying to handle your delicate piano.

Phoenix Piano Moving Cost

Now that you’re aware of how a DIY can lead to stress, aches, damage, and serious injury, you may be wondering what you can expect to pay for hiring piano movers in Phoenix. Here’s a few tips:

While filling out the Phoenix piano movers quote form, fill us in on how far your piano has to travel, what type of piano it is, and how accessible it is. Is it a baby grand piano, an upright piano, or a grand piano? Are there stairs we need to use or is there an accessible elevator? When the company has the answers to these sorts of questions, they can figure out an accurate rate and the number of crew members needed for the job.

Get ready for an affordable cost of piano movers and storage in Phoenix! You’ll further be greeted by a polite and friendly crew who is prudent, trained, and properly equipped. You can focus your attention on other things knowing your valuable piano is in good hands and will be waiting for you at your new home just the way you left it.

Choosing the Best Phoenix Piano Mover

Want to know which piano movers in Phoenix, Arizona you can rely on? Well, doing your research beforehand will help answer this vital question.

Browsing the company’s reviews on Yelp and Google is a great start to finding the best Phoenix-based moving company to entrust with your expensive piano. What do past clients have to say about their customer service? Inquiring about the crew’s experience level is another great approach. Also, do they have proper licensing and insurance?– check into that. This can be done by going online to the Department of Transportation and verifying the company’s USDOT number.

Getting the lowest rates doesn’t mean the quality of service will meet your expectations. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your incredibly valuable and precious piano. Trustworthy Phoenix, AZ piano moving companies are experts at using the best techniques to safely relocate pianos. 

With over 1,200 successful moves each year, Mentors Moving maintains excellent reviews across aggregators like Google and Yelp. Each of our 30 dedicated and professional crew members have undergone an intensive 160-hour training program.

You can expect reliable Phoenix piano movers at Mentors Moving to handle the lifting, moving, loading, and transportation of your heavy piano without any sign of disruption to the exterior or internal components. No matter the condition, type, or age of piano you own, you can rely on a high-quality piano moving service.

While tuning a piano after a move is recommended, Mentors Moving significantly reduces the need for it. Throughout the entire Phoenix Metropolitan area, we can easily relocate pianos of all shapes and sizes due to our high level of expertise, materials, and muscles. Get ready for a convenient, affordable, and stress-free move! You can receive a Phoenix estimate by calling us or filling out our quote form!