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Apartment Moving Services in Phoenix With Mentors Moving


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Many think that moving locally, that being a move within 100 miles, is easier than moving over longer distances. This is often true – but local moves are just as liable to be difficult as longer distance moves without professional help. This is doubly true of moves involving apartments.

Apartment moves require special care and consideration, with limited access, small spaces, and property concerns with apartment managers all being liable to cause headaches for a prospective apartment mover. However, with the right apartment moving service team at your back – like the fantastic crew at Mentors Moving! – your Phoenix apartment relocation will be made easy and quick!

Mentors Moving serves Phoenix itself, as well as all of the Phoenix Metropolitan area which includes all of Maricopa County, and North Pinal County.

Hiring Professional Phoenix Apartment Movers

While some may be able to do a solo move in limited cases, for the vast majority of people, a Phoenix apartment relocation service will be absolutely invaluable and necessary for an apartment move to go smoothly. Even beyond the obvious benefit of having a group of professional movers on scene to deal with all the difficulties of moving, there are many other, less obvious benefits to hiring a professional apartment moving team as well.

Before anything else, the primary benefit of hiring a local apartment mover is the reduction in stress and peace of mind it brings, for obvious reasons. Saving time is another big bonus, as even small apartment moves will take inordinately long without many hands to help out. Apartment moving crews will handle tedious and difficult tasks like packing, loading, item protection, furniture disassembly and reassembly, and rearrangement of your items in the new home on your behalf, and will store items you do not have the space for as well. Their training will also come in handy in making sure the relocation is completely safe, both for people and your belongings.

Apartment moves in particular also have a number of unique considerations, which will all be addressed by the right, properly-trained apartment moving company. Common areas in apartment complexes must not be damaged, lest you incur fines or worse. Many are difficult to access and cramped. The cramped nature of many apartment complexes means there may be long distances between the apartment and the loading truck. Additionally, many apartment complexes have special rules pertaining to moving in and moving out, which must be abided by. To put it simply, dealing with these things without experienced movers’ help is something you don’t want to do! 

How Much Does a Phoenix Apartment Move Cost?

Local and/or apartment moves in Phoenix are like any other relocation in that their cost is highly variable, and dependent on a number of different factors. Because the price tag has a tendency to be so variable, prediction of price is difficult without contacting the company directly.

To name just a few of the factors that go into a moving quote, these include things like: 

Type of move being conducted

The number of men required to execute the move
Ease of access (of particular importance in moves for apartments!)
Size of unit (studio, one bedroom, two bedroom, etc.)
Distance travelled
Any special services employed
As previously stated, predicting how much you’ll be paying without first contacting your company of choice is difficult and a waste of time – instead, call the company, or see if they have an online quote form to fill out for the most accurate estimate. At Mentors Moving, our quotes are cost-free, and we always charge affordable rates!

Phoenix Apartment Moving Requires Specialized Equipment & Training

A moving company for apartments must have a wide variety of specialized moving equipment to handle an apartment move. While many of these will be the typical array of gear you’d see on any relocation, some equipment is required for moves with special considerations, such as apartment relocations.

Likely the most important piece of equipment in an apartment mover’s arsenal is the moving truck. These trucks typically run 20 to 26 feet in length – a local apartment move will likely only need a 20 foot one. These trucks also contain everything else a mover for apartments needs, like toolboxes for disassembly and reassembly, straps, blankets for furniture protection, dollies, boxes in special configurations, shrink wrap, tape, and any other tool you could imagine. Mentors Moving also has GPS tracking on special software for our trucks!

Just as important as good equipment is well-trained and friendly staff. Teams will need special training for handling cramped apartments, and will need to be considerate to both customer and landlord for an apartment moving service to go well. Thankfully, Mentors Moving has fantastic crew members in spades, all ready to help you! 

How to Choose the Best Phoenix Apartment Moving Company

The many benefits of hiring a Phoenix local apartment mover are many and self-evident, but many of these benefits will only be present if you hire the right team for the job. To ensure you choose the correct crew for your specific situation, proper research is key!

First of all, you should check the reviews of companies in the Phoenix area on Google or Yelp. After you’ve established which companies have good reviews, see how long they’ve been in the business, how many moves they’ve done, and what other experience they have, while also ensuring that the company in question is properly licensed and insured. Lastly but most certainly not least, make sure they have great customer service!

Having over 15 years of experience, Mentors Moving’s teams are more than prepared to make any sort of apartment relocation into a simple process. Mentors Moving will handle your move quickly, smoothly, and all at an affordable price! Our excellent Google reviews speak for themselves!

Our fantastic apartment moving services covers Phoenix, as well as all of the Phoenix Metropolitan area which includes all of Maricopa County, and North Pinal County.

Don’t be deceived – a local apartment move can be just as stressful as any other! With a trained group of Phoenix apartment moving professionals at your side along the way, like the fantastic staff at Mentors Moving, your apartment move will be over before you know it! Don’t delay, give us a call at 480-376-1009, and/or fill out our online form for a cost-free quote, and start your Phoenix apartment moving journey today!