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City of Scottsdale Ultimate Utilities Guide

City of Scottsdale ULTIMATE Utilities Guide [2024] | Water, ? Electric, Gas, Internet, Trash & More

Last Updated on: 18th January 2023, 08:29 am

You’ve been preparing to move to Scottsdale for a while now and can’t wait to get into your new home or apartment. Everything is packed and loaded into the truck as you make your way to the new place. Once you arrive, you unlock the front door, flip the light switch and nothing happens.

In all the excitement, you forgot to schedule your Scottsdale city utilities, leaving you sitting in the dark with no power or water.

If you want to avoid this unnecessary scenario, check out the details below to learn about all of the local utility providers and how to set up your city utilities in Scottsdale ahead of time!

Scottsdale Electric Utilities | APS or SRP

Electric utility services in Scottsdale are offered by Arizona Public Service (APS) as well as Salt River Project (SRP). APS covers the larger geographic area across the state and serves over 2.7 million customers. SRP serves a smaller portion of the valley but still serves over 1 million customers as well.

Known by a handful of different names in the past, APS was established in 1885 and has remained a central hub for quality electric service ever since its inception. Their service territory covers about ⅔ of the Phoenix metro area, mainly including downtown and the northern portion.


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SRP got its start back in 1903 as the main water provider for the entire Phoenix Valley as they control over 131 miles of canals along with 1,000 miles of extended ditches. A few years later, they also began providing electric utilities as the second provider in the metro area. Their service territory covers most of southern Phoenix and extends into the East Valley.

How to Set Up Your Scottsdale Electricity With APS or SRP

The Scottsdale electric utility company you have will depend on where you live in the city. The larger area of Scottsdale is served by APS but SRP also covers a significant portion of the larger populated area of town. The easiest way to determine the company that covers your new home is to simply call either one and verify your address.

If you have APS, there are a few different ways to start your Scottsdale city utilities, the easiest being to complete their online form. You may also call one of their customer service lines at either 602-371-7171 or toll-free at 800-253-9405 to begin. APS will run a soft credit check to determine whether a security deposit is required to start service and there will be an $8 establishment charge on your first bill.


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For customers in the SRP service area, you can also set up Scottsdale electric utility services through their online portal. If you prefer to speak with a representative over the phone, you can reach them 24/7 at 602-236-8888. SRP will also determine if you need a security deposit with a soft credit check and will charge a $30 service activation fee on your first bill.

Paying Your Scottsdale Power Bill

Both APS and SRP offer similar payment options when it comes to taking care of your electric utility bills in Scottsdale.

APS customers can log in to their account and make virtual payments with a checking or savings account for free or with a debit/credit card for a $2.95 fee. Automatic payments can be set up as well. They also have in-person payment options available.

SRP customers also have access to their own online account where they can set up Surepay auto payments or take care of one-time payments through bank accounts or cards. PayCenters can be found all over the valley if you prefer to make an in-person payment.

Contact Information for Scottsdale Public Utilities | APS & SRP

Arizona Public Service (APS) website

Address: 400 N 5th St, Phoenix, AZ 85004

Customer Service Phone: (602) 371-7171 or (800) 253-9405


Salt River Project (SRP) website

Address: 1500 N. Mill Ave, Tempe, AZ 85281

Customer Service Phone: (602) 236-8888

Scottsdale Gas Utilities | Southwest Gas

The sole provider of Scottsdale natural gas utility services is Southwest Gas. They were founded in 1931 and serve over 2 million customers across Arizona, Nevada, and a small area of California.


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Their company has more than 2,300 employees who strive to serve these communities with the environment in mind.

How to Set Up and Pay for Your Scottsdale Gas With Southwest Gas

To get your gas utilities set up in Scottsdale, you can begin by submitting an online application. You can also call their customer service line at 877-860-6020 from Monday through Friday between the hours of 7 am to 6 pm to schedule services.

Your Scottsdale gas utility bills can be paid online using either a bank account or credit card. They also offer options to pay over the phone, payment locations where you can take care of bills in-person, or you can mail your payments to their office at:

Southwest Gas Corporation

P.O. Box 24531

Oakland, CA 94623-1531

Contact Information for Southwest Gas

Southwest Gas website

Address: 2200 N Central Ave #101, Phoenix, AZ 85004

Customer Service Phone: (877) 860-6020

Scottsdale Water Utilities | City of Scottsdale Water Department

While Salt River Project provides water to the entire valley, each city manages distribution within its own borders. The City of Scottsdale was incorporated in 1951 and has become one of the most beautiful and affluent communities in the Phoenix metropolitan area.


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Their water department has been around for over 45 years and handles the delivery of over 63.2 million gallons of water a day.

How to Set Up and Pay for Your Scottsdale Water

Your water utilities in Scottsdale can be started online using their web portal. You can also call their office at 480-312-2461 Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm to start services as well. A deposit is typically required but may be waived if you meet specific qualifications. 

The simplest way to make your monthly Scottsdale water utility bill payments is by setting up an online account. The City of Scottsdale offers automatic payments with a bank account or credit card as well as in-person payments at any of their business offices. Check or money order payments can be mailed to:

City of Scottsdale

PO Box 52799

Phoenix, AZ 85072

Contact Information for City of Scottsdale Water Department

City of Scottsdale Water website

Address: 7447 E Indian School Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Customer Service Phone: (480) 312-2461

Scottsdale Trash & Sewer Utilities | City of Scottsdale

The City of Scottsdale also provides garbage, recycling, and wastewater services to the entire city. 

How to Set Up and Pay for Your Scottsdale Garbage & Wastewater Bill

You can begin your trash and sewer utilities in Scottsdale at the same time that you set up your water services. All three services will come on the same bill each month, making it simple and convenient to pay them all at the same time.

You’ll want to look up your address to determine your trash pick-up schedule so you know what day to put your garbage and recycling cans out on the curb.

If you are building a home, you can request a new garbage container here.

Contact Information for City of Scottsdale Solid Waste

City of Scottsdale Sewer & Solid Waste website

Address: 3939 N. Drinkwater Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Customer Service Phone: (480) 312-3111

Scottsdale Internet Service Providers | Various


Address: 16255 N Scottsdale Rd #C1, Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Phone: (480) 626-9315



Address: 8322 E Evans Rd #3613, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Phone: (480) 565-6827



Google Fiber (partial coverage)

Phone: (866) 777-7550

Get Your Scottsdale Utilities Scheduled

To avoid showing up at your new home or apartment to no power or running water, make sure you schedule your Scottsdale city utilities ahead of time. This will help you avoid scrambling to get these tasks done before it’s too late.

Would you like assistance with your upcoming relocation? Trust our professional Scottsdale movers to handle the job! Call Mentors Moving today at (480) 376-1009 or complete the Request a Quote form above for a free moving estimate!


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