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Cost of Living in Scottsdale

Cost of Living in Scottsdale, AZ (2024) | Can You Afford It? [DATA]

Last Updated on: 18th January 2023, 08:29 am

Over the years, the city of Scottsdale has been called “a desert version of Miami’s South Beach” due to its great shopping, affluent communities, and comfortable lifestyle. It also has great local amenities at places like Scottsdale Fashion Square shopping mall and Old Town Scottsdale.

Along with these great perks, the cost of living in Scottsdale does come with a higher than average price tag. Read through to learn everything you need to know about how much it costs to live in Scottsdale, AZ.

Scottsdale Cost of Living Index

From monthly expenses to occasional spending on entertainment, there are many things to think about regarding how much you’ll be paying to live in a new city after relocating. As you review the basics of how much it costs to live in Scottsdale, you’ll learn whether the city is a good fit for you and your wallet.

While reviewing these details, it’s important to remember that your personal Scottsdale living cost will depend on the home you purchase/rent, your lifestyle choices, how many people live with you, and other key factors.


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Among the most effective ways to identify expected lifestyle costs, you should take a look at the cost of living index in Scottsdale. This will allow you to get a clear idea of what you’ll be paying for regular expenses, bills, and other standard budget items.

Looking at the Scottsdale cost of living, you’ll find the city is about 33% more expensive to live in than the average across the nation. These higher expenses include everything from groceries and the real estate market to home utilities and local transportation. The only expense that is more affordable in Scottsdale is healthcare, which is about 8% lower than the national average.

A side-by-side cost of living comparison also shows that Scottsdale is 28.4% more expensive than the nearby city of Phoenix as well.

Consumer Expenditures in Scottsdale (by % of Household Income)

  • Housing 31%
  • Transportation 19%
  • Food 11.7%
  • Personal insurance 12.6%
  • Healthcare 9%
  • Entertainment 5.6%
  • Other 11.1%

Cost of Groceries, Food, Gas, & Household Items in Scottsdale

As you consider relocating to Scottsdale, you’ll want to keep typical expenses in mind and the effect each of them will have on your budget. Reviewing things like these will give you an idea of whether you’ll be able to afford more than the basics that come with living here.

The average cost of groceries in Scottsdale will vary depending on your eating habits, how often you eat out, and where you decide to shop. Some of the most common food items include half a gallon of milk for $1.59, a dozen eggs for $1.88, and a loaf of bread for $3.31 on average.

Aerial view of golf course and amenities in Scottsdale, AZ

As you are deciding on the home you want to live in, you’ll want to know about the average water bill and the average electric bill in Scottsdale. On average, the cost of electricity in Scottsdale added with other basic utilities comes out to about $199.93 per month.

And if you’ll be commuting to or from the area for work, you’ll want to know how much it will cost you to get around. The price of gas in Scottsdale is around $2.757 per gallon.

  • Steak (Ribeye, 1lb.) $12.70
  • Milk (regular 1/2 gallon) $1.59
  • Eggs (1 Dozen) $1.88
  • Potatoes (5 lb bag) $3.42
  • Bread (1 loaf) $3.31
  • Beer (Heineken’s 6 pack) $8.99
  • Average Cell Phone Bill $175.39
  • Average Cost of Gasoline (per gallon) $2.757
  • Average Cost of Utilities (per month) $199.93
  • McDonald’s Burger (1/4 Pounder) $4.20
  • Large Pizza $10.99
  • Movie Ticket (1st run) $8.13

Scottsdale vs. Phoenix Cost of Living

If you’re trying to decide whether you want to live in Phoenix or in Scottsdale, there are many pros and cons to consider for each city. Among those reasons, it’s important that you know the cost of living is nearly 30% higher in Scottsdale.

Healthcare and home utilities are similar between the two cities but the differences are noticeable in a handful of other expenses.

The main impact when comparing the Scottsdale vs. Phoenix cost of living is seen in the housing markets, which shows that Scottsdale is much more expensive than the Arizona capital nearby.

Scottsdale Real Estate Market

If you set the average price of a home in Scottsdale and the average for Phoenix next to one another, you’d find that the real estate market in Scottsdale is nearly twice as expensive.

About 66% of residents in Scottsdale are homeowners in what is currently considered a somewhat competitive housing market. The median home price in Scottsdale is about $715,000, which has increased by about 14.4% in the last year.

View of Scottsdale neighborhoods with mountain in background

The majority of these homes are on the market for about 54 days and then sell for a Scottsdale average home price of $545,000. This equals out to a median of $256 per square foot for the city. On occasion, hot homes found within nice neighborhoods can go pending in as little as 20 days.

Most of the homes purchased in Scottsdale required an average down payment of 26.7%.

As many as 2,471 properties are sold each month around town, making it fairly easy to find a wide variety of comfortable homes for sale in Scottsdale, AZ. For all your Scottsdale real estate needs, we recommend Brian Thompson & Trish Arana at Keller Williams Realty Phoenix.

Scottsdale Rental Market – Average Rent in Scottsdale

The other 34% of locals in Scottsdale choose to rent or lease their living space. So how much is it to get a rental there?

Matching the higher home purchase costs, you can expect Scottsdale rent to be more expensive than most of the neighboring cities.

Recent trends show the average apartment rent in Scottsdale ranges from about $1,476 per month for a one-bedroom location to around $1,787 per month for a two-bedroom. These numbers come out to a total average of $1,692 per month, which is a 12.71% increase from last year.

If you compare Scottsdale rent prices with Phoenix apartments, you’ll find that Scottsdale is between $404 to $465 more expensive.

Average Salary & Household Income in Scottsdale

As you learn more about the Scottsdale cost of living, it will provide clarity on a handful of things you’ll need to think about. Among these thoughts is whether your income will allow you to afford the costs associated with this affluent city.

The most recent trends and numbers show that the average salary in Scottsdale is $65,000 per year, which is an increase of about 0.2% in the last year. But this number may not be the only one you want to consider before move here.

A bench in Old Town Scottsdale

A potentially more relevant statistic is the median household income in Scottsdale of $80,306, which is nearly 30% higher than the national average. This more accurately reflects how much you’ll likely want to make if you’re deciding to live here, purchase a home, and still enjoy extra money for other expenses.

Some of the most common careers for locals in the area range from executive managers and healthcare professionals to financial experts and people in the tech industry. Many individuals filling these roles work for some of the largest employers in Scottsdale including HonorHealth, Vanguard, CVS Pharmacy, General Dynamics, and the Mayo Clinic.

Income, Sales, & Property Taxes in Scottsdale, AZ

State Income Tax

The state of Arizona income tax rate ranges from 2.59% to 4.5%. Your Arizona income tax rate will vary depending on how much money you bring in every year.

Sales Tax

While Arizona has the 11th highest sales tax rate out of the 50 states, the lower Scottsdale sales tax rate evens things out a bit to make it closer to the national average. In total, the local sales tax rate is 8.050%, which includes the Arizona sales tax, Maricopa County sales tax, and the local Scottsdale rate.

  • Arizona State tax rate 5.600%
  • Maricopa County tax rate 0.700%
  • Scottsdale tax rate 1.750%
  • Total sales tax rate 8.050%

Property Tax

Although local homeowners pay higher prices for their homes, they do enjoy a lower property tax rate in Scottsdale compared to the Arizona or national average

  • Scottsdale property tax rate 0.640%
  • Arizona property tax rate 0.724%
  • National property tax rate 1.080%

For example, if you purchased a home for $545,000, then the Scottsdale property taxes would be about $3,488 per year.

Does the Cost of Living in Scottsdale Fit Your Budget?

While Scottsdale may be more expensive to live in than Phoenix and other cities around the Valley, it does come with many benefits and local amenities. If you’re able to afford the Scottsdale cost of living, it is certainly a place worth considering.

For those who have already made the choice to call this area home, get in touch with our top-rated Scottsdale movers today! Call Mentors Moving at (480) 376-1009 or complete the Request a Quote form above for a free moving estimate!


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