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Shafter - Ultimate Living In & Moving To Guide

Shafter, CA | The 2024 Ultimate Living In & Moving To Guide | Mentors Moving & Storage

Last Updated on: 13th June 2023, 02:07 pm

First settled in 1898, the small area of Shafter began with little more than a post office and a couple of local shops to call it home. But it also became host to a Santa Fe Railroad loading dock, which gave the town a decent boost. The fairly quick growth led the town to be incorporated as a city less than 40 years later in January 1938.

And since then, Shafter has continued growing with small groups of people moving to the area year after year.

Located along State Route 43 about 18 miles to the northwest of Bakersfield, this small city has a truly unique history, much of which can be learned about within the Shafter Historical Society and the multiple museums nearby.

1. People of Shafter

A large portion of the Shafter population is of Latino descent with over 81% of people coming from Hispanic backgrounds. The city’s total residence is currently home to more than 18,400 people. Covering an area of about 18 square miles, that gives everyone living in Shafter plenty of breathing room and gives it a rare small-town feel in California.

Family hiking through a forest

It is home to a younger generation with a median age barely over 27 years old. More than one-fourth of the local population are school-age children between 5 and 17, making it a great place for young families to raise their kids.

2. Who was General Shafter?

A drive through the city of Shafter will present numerous locations with names related to a military general. One of the local high school mascots are the Generals, while local restaurants and other parts of town also feature the term “general” everywhere you look.

The city was named after General William Rufus Shafter, a military man who led United States armed forces during the Spanish-American War. He was recognized as a great leader who won numerous battles across Cuba in 1898.

3. Things to Do & Restaurants in Shafter

Though the city is fairly small and spread out, you’ll still find a handful of fun things to do in Shafter. Possibly the most popular attraction around town is the Minter Field Air Museum, which features numerous displays of military aircraft, helicopters, and other interesting vehicles. There are also some fun things to do in Shafter with kids including a visit to either the Insect Lore Bugseum or the nearby Bakersfield Escape Room.

Minter Field Air Museum


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Minter Field Air Museum, 401 Vultee St, Shafter, CA 93263

Insect Lore Bugseum


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Insectlore Bugseum, 132 S Beech Ave, Shafter, CA 93263

Bakersfield Escape Room


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Bakersfield Escape Room, 3616 Coffee Rd C, Bakersfield, CA 93308

We all know after playtime it’s time to eat, and lucky for you there are some great restaurants in Shafter. For some delicious and classic American cuisine, head over to General’s Headquarters for nachos, burgers, soups, and more. Right down the road from there, you’ll also find a great pizza place in the form of Tony’s Firehouse Grill.

General’s Headquarters


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General’s Headquarters, 710 E Lerdo Hwy, Shafter, CA 93263

Tony’s Firehouse Grill


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Tony’s Firehouse Grill, 300 E Lerdo Hwy, Shafter, CA 93305

4. Shafter Cost of Living is Highly Affordable

With the cost of living in Shafter more than 60% lower than average California numbers, you’ll spend less on everything from groceries and healthcare to housing and local transportation costs. Locals enjoy food prices that are as much as 16% less than state numbers, as well as healthcare savings of up to 9%.

The average price of a home in Shafter is currently $196,900, which is about one-third the average cost across the state of California. This amount is on the rise though, as it has gone up about 8.5% in the past year with experts predicting an additional increase of more than 6% in the next twelve months. And even with these lower prices, you’ll find some beautiful homes for sale in Shafter.

Do you plan on renting in the area instead? Average rent prices in Shafter range from about $906 per month to $1,421 per month, depending on the size home you want.

5. Great Local Neighborhoods

Paired with the fact that Shafter neighborhoods are some of the most affordable around Bakersfield, they’re also clean, comfortable, and family-friendly. The city is oddly shaped but offers nice communities all over town. You’ll find places like Flight Park to the southeast, Myricks Corner in the northeast, along with Smith Corner and other neighborhoods by Thomas Lane.

Shafter is located in Kern County and covers four zip codes including 93206, 93263, 93308, and 93314. Phone numbers in Shafter use the 661 area code.

6. Schools in Shafter

Supplementing for the large number of primary-age students in the area, Shafter schools are part of three districts including Richland Union District, Maple District, and Kern District. The city hosts two high schools: Shafter High, home of the Generals, and Central Valley High, home of the Scorpions. Pre-teen students will have elementary and middle school options like Maple Elementary, Golden Oak Elementary, Sequoia Elementary, and Richland Junior High.

7. Job Opportunities in Shafter

Complimentary of the low cost of living for the area, Shafter jobs tend to host a lower household income as well. But there are some good opportunities for work in and around town for the working class. A few of the top employers in Shafter include a Target distribution center, Paramount Farming, Formica, the Cemex Corporation, and America’s Tire.

8. Dry, Warm Weather in Shafter

Shafter weather boasts a warm and fairly dry climate compared to other California cities, but people living in town still enjoy comfortable temperatures all year long.

Aerial view of Shafter, CA

During the summer, temps can get up in the 100s on occasion but will also dip into the 60s. And as winter comes around, you’ll typically see temperatures that vary from lows around 35°F to highs in the mid to upper 50s.

Tips for Moving to Shafter, CA

  • Enjoy a small-town lifestyle you don’t get in too many parts of California.
  • Find plenty of fun activities and places to eat around Shafter.
  • One of the most affordable parts of the Bakersfield metro area.
  • Beautiful local neighborhoods that are family-friendly with good schools.
  • Plenty of job opportunities in town and nearby in Bakersfield.

And if you’re thinking of relocating to Shafter, we’d love to be the team that helps with your transition. Mentors Moving & Storage has been serving Bakersfield and nearby suburbs for more than 13 years. Our experience and top-ranked customer service have set us above the competition when it comes to both local and long-distance relocations.

Give us a call today at (661) 215-6023 to learn all about our Shafter moving services. Or fill out the Request a Quote form above to get a free moving estimate from one of our staff members.


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