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Moving from Los Angeles to Tucson | ? Los Angeles to Phoenix Movers

Last Updated on: 18th January 2023, 09:32 am

Are you thinking about moving from Los Angeles to Tucson? You definitely aren’t alone! More than 50,000 Californians make the move to the Grand Canyon State every year, and Tucson is one of the top destinations thanks to its affordability, great quality of life, and strong economy. Whether you’re retiring, ditching the competitive LA jobs market, or interested in realizing the dream of homeownership, you’ll love living in Tucson!

Of course, long-distance relocations can be challenging and stressful. Here’s what you want to know about life in Sonoran Desert area, benefits of relocating from LA to Tucson, and how movers can help you.


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What Is Moving to Tucson Like?

If you’re thinking about hiring Los Angeles to Tucson movers and embracing life in the Grand Canyon State, you’re probably wondering what you should expect. What’s different about living in Tucson compared to LA?

Tucson has a very different vibe than LA with a famously unpretentious atmosphere. It feels like living in a small town despite being the second largest city in Arizona. There’s an eclectic mix of people in the city including snowbirds, outdoor enthusiasts, and U of A students. You’ll also meet tons of fellow California transplants. The city has a fun nightlife with plenty of music venues, brew pubs, lounges, cocktail bars, and more. It’s also easy to get around the city with an average commute of only 22 minutes (compared to 31 minutes in LA!) and a good bus system.

The cost of living is one of the biggest reasons to move to Tucson, and it’s an easy adjustment to make. Virtually everything costs less in Tucson, from groceries and utilities to rent, home prices, and even entertainment. Even water is cheaper in Tucson, a fact that surprises many Arizona transplants. In fact, Tucson is better prepared for drought than Southern California where statewide water restrictions have become standard.

Crime is another concern you may have. Crime in Los Angeles vs Tucson is similar, but Tucson has more property crime than LA but a lower violent crime rate. There are 688 violent crimes per capita in Tucson compared with 732 per capita in LA. You can learn more about crime in Tucson here.


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You may also be wondering about the climate and how it compares to Southern California’s famously perfect weather. Tucson has a subtropical hot desert climate compared to the cool steppe climate of LA. The weather in Tucson gets much hotter than Los Angeles and much colder!

The average July high in Tucson is a blistering 100 degrees compared with 84 in LA. That’s one of the biggest drawbacks of living in Tucson, although the dry, triple-digit heat is easier to tolerate for some than humid weather in the 80s. The average January low is 46 degrees in LA and a chilly 39 degrees in the Old Pueblo. While it’s in the desert, Tucson is at an elevation of almost 2,500 feet while LA is close to sea level. You’ll also experience monsoon season with strong summer rains bringing lightning, flash flooding, hail, dust storms, and more. Be prepared for cold nights and very hot, dry days after moving to Tucson!

Top Benefits of Moving from Los Angeles to Tucson

More than 25% of all new residents in Arizona come from California. Every year, an average of 52,250 people move from California to Arizona, and this trend has only picked up steam since the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a recent survey, 56% of Californians said they had considered leaving the state in the last year, and 63% have considered Arizona. Cities like Phoenix and Tucson are top destinations for Californians ready to leave the state, but what makes Arizona such a magnet?

There are many benefits of moving from Los Angeles to Tucson. Here are some of the top reasons so many people are ready to say goodbye to the City of Angels and make the Old Pueblo their home.

Lower Cost of Living

Cost is the biggest driver for most people moving from Los Angeles to Arizona. If you’re sick of earning six figures only to live paycheck to paycheck in LA, you’ll finally enjoy the quality of life and ability to save money that comes from life in Tucson.

The cost of living in Tucson is about 9% below the national average. By comparison, LA has a cost of living 73% higher than the national average!

Lower Taxes in Tucson vs Los Angeles

A perk of moving to Tucson? Lower taxes. California has one of the highest tax rates in the U.S. with Californians paying about twice as much in state income taxes than Arizona residents. The Arizona income tax rate is 2.59% to 4.5% plus a 3.5% tax on taxable income over $250,000 for single filers. Income taxes are even getting lower in Arizona: in 2021, income taxes will be 2.55% to 2.98% which will drop to 2.5% in 2023. When you compare Los Angeles vs Tucson, you’re paying 1% to 12.3% in California plus a 1% surcharge on income over $1 million.

More Affordable Housing

Homeownership is out of reach for most people living in LA. Even renting is unaffordable.

According to the National Low Income Housing Coalition’s 2021 Out of Reach report, Los Angeles is one of the top 10 most expensive areas to rent. LA renters need to make $39.58 an hour to afford a two-bedroom apartment at fair market rent. The minimum wage is $15, which means even working 80 hours a week isn’t enough to afford rent in LA.

By comparison, Arizona residents need to earn $22.30 to afford a two-bedroom apartment with fair market rent.

When it comes to buying a home in Arizona versus California, the difference is even starker. The median home price in Tucson is $305,000 compared to $920,000 in LA.

  • The median household income is 34% lower in Tucson compared to LA
  • Home prices are 3x higher in Los Angeles vs Tucson
  • Rent is 56% lower in Tucson vs LA

Planning to buy a house after moving to Tucson? Make sure you check our guide to buying a home in Arizona.

Retirement Destinations

Most people moving from LA to Tucson are millennials, but every year, thousands of baby boomers choose to retire in Arizona, many of them from California. In a 2020 survey, retirement was the reason for relocating for 40% of newcomers to Arizona.

For many people, retiring in Southern California doesn’t make sense thanks to its high taxes, high cost of living on a fixed income, traffic, and urban sprawl. Arizona is one of the top states for retirement for many reasons including:

  • Social Security exempt from state income tax
  • Lower cost of living for seniors on a fixed income
  • Great recreation opportunities including golf courses and swimming
  • Hundreds of exciting retirement communities to choose from

Many seniors choose to ditch the stress and high costs of LA to settle down in one of Tucson’s beautiful retirement communities. Two of the top options are the Lazy K gated retirement community and the luxury Broadway Proper community with resort-style amenities starting at $1,900 a month.

Outdoor Recreation

Los Angeles definitely has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment and outdoor recreation, but it doesn’t compare to what awaits you in Arizona. One of the many advantages of moving from LA to Tucson is the sheer number of outdoor activities available to you. Here are just some of the great things in store for you:

  • Saguaro National Park with 165 miles of trails, camping, and petroglyphs
  • Chiricahua National Monument with unique rock formations
  • Coronado National Forest with rock climbing and a gorgeous waterfall
  • Ziplining at Arizona Zipline Adventures
  • Kitt Peak National Observatory for stargazing
  • Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum with an indoor aquarium, 98-acre outdoor zoo, and botanical garden
  • Mountain biking with 700 miles of trails in the Sonoran Desert
  • Madera Canyon for bird watching with 15 hummingbird species alone
  • Bicycling – Tucson is one of the top cycling destinations according to Bicycling magazine!
  • Horseback riding with several stables in the city
  • Skiing at Mt Lemmon Ski Valley which gets 180” of annual snowfall just 40 miles away
  • 40+ golf courses in the Tucson area including Tucson City Golf, a collection of five municipal courses
  • 31 public pools in Tucson and Pima County with zero-depth entry, swimming lessons, slides, splash pads, play features & more. Kids swim for free at almost all Tucson city pools and adults swim for $2. At Pima County pools, admission is just $3 for adults and $1 for kids.


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Los Angeles to Tucson Movers

Any relocation can be stressful and grueling, but long-distance moves come with special challenges. With professional LA to Tucson movers, you can rest easy knowing all the details are handled by specialists and your belongings are in good hands.

A dependable Los Angeles to Tucson moving company delivers the seamless, organized moving day you need with the right equipment, training, expertise, and supplies. Here’s why you’ll be glad you’re working with professionals.

  • Avoid physically demanding tasks like loading and unloading, furniture assembly, heavy lifting, and repetitive bending
  • Professional packing safeguards your belongings for your peace of mind
  • No guesswork or logistical challenges
  • You don’t need to navigate LA traffic in a large truck and drive more than 400 miles
  • Storage solutions at your origin or destination make it easy to downsize or move into temporary housing
  • Your belongings can be unpacked and furniture assembled and arranged so your home is ready for you when you arrive
  • Your home is carefully prepped to avoid any damage during the move

Why Mentors Moving & Storage Is the Best Los Angeles to Tucson Moving Company

To choose a long-distance moving company you can trust, it pays to do your research. Don’t rely on cost alone. Make sure you look for the following.

  • Licensed, insured movers
  • Proven history in the industry
  • Positive reviews
  • Background checked movers who are trained and uniformed
  • No unresolved complaints with the BBB or FMCSA
  • Low claims rate
  • Good safety record
  • Services you need

Mentors Moving & Storage is proud to be one of the most trusted Los Angeles to Tucson moving companies with 14+ years of experience and four locations. Our 30+ team members complete a thorough 160-hour training program to ensure your belongings are in good hands. We’re proud of the hundreds of 5-star Yelp and Facebook reviews we’ve earned based on more than 1,200 successful relocations completed each year.

Los Angeles to Tucson Moving Cost

How much does it cost to move from Los Angeles to Tucson, AZ? The only way to give you an accurate estimate for an interstate move is through a free assessment that considers factors like:

  • Moving distance
  • Moving dates
  • Volume of belongings
  • Services you need
  • How organized and prepared you are
  • Items that require special attention or equipment
  • Storage needs

With Mentors Moving & Storage, you can trust you’ll receive competitive and honest rates without hidden fees. Give us a call to request a free Los Angeles to Tucson moving quote!

Los Angeles to Tucson Distance & Travel Info

When you hire Los Angeles to Tucson movers, you don’t need to worry about driving a commercial moving truck across the state. You will still need to get yourself and the rest of the family to your new home, though!

The distance from Los Angeles to Tucson, AZ is 485 miles or just over 7 hours along I-10 E.

If you aren’t moving with a car, there are other ways to get to Tucson from LA without driving. Nonstop flights from Los Angeles (LAX) to Tucson (TUS) take just 90 minutes and are usually under $70. Many carriers offer nonstop service including American, Delta, United, Southwest, and Alaska. Want a bit more adventure? The Amtrak Sunset Limited train departs Los Angeles for Tucson and offers beautiful views of the Southwest and California’s mountains.

Are you ready to experience everything that’s waiting for you in Arizona’s gorgeous Sonoran Desert? Call Mentors Moving & Storage today for a free moving quote from the #1 Los Angeles to Tucson moving company so we can get you settled into your new home in no time!


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