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Living In & Moving To Lucas Valley-Marinwood | ⭐️ ULTIMATE Guide With Tips

Last Updated on: 20th August 2021, 01:15 pm

Located in San Rafael, CA, Lucas Valley-Marinwood is one of the best places to live in Marin County. The history of Lucas Valley-Marinwood starts when James Miller came from Ireland to California in 1844, and later purchased 680 acres of land that became Marinwood. Meanwhile, Lucas Valley was included in the Rancho San Pedro, Santa Margarita y Las Gallinas grant, which was awarded to Timothy Murphy. Timothy named the area after his nephew, John Lucas. Now, the two communities are put together, which created the Lucas Valley-Marinwood we know today. While John Lucas isn’t related to George Lucas, Lucas Valley is known as the home of Lucasfilm’s Skywalker Ranch Camp. The culture of Lucas Valley-Marinwood is pretty calm, and there are many retirees living in the area.

Lucas Valley-Marinwood, CA  Population & Demographics

Lucas Valley-Marinwood is a census-designated area that has 6,841 people currently residing there. The racial demographics in Lucas Valley-Marinwood are 76.8% White, 6.26% Asian, 5% mixed races, 4.75% Hispanic, and 3.71% Hawaiian. The median household income in Lucas Valley-Marinwood is $124,821, which is a 3.12% growth from last year. The median age in Lucas Valley-Marinwood is 48.5, however, it’s mainly retirees living there. Thankfully, the crime rates in Lucas Valley-Marinwood are 64% lower than the national average, which is why it’s such a popular place to retire. It’s a safe place to live.

Lucas Valley-Marinwood’s area code is 415. The zip code in Lucas Valley-Marinwood is 94903. Those living in Lucas Valley-Marinwood will be located in Marin County.

Lucas Valley-Marinwood Cost of Living

Residing in Lucas Valley-Marinwood isn’t the cheapest option when you’re comparing the cost of living to the rest of California and the national average. Lucas Valley-Marinwood is 63% more expensive to live in than the California average, however, Lucas Valley-Marinwood’s housing market is the main culprit for this. Housing in Lucas Valley-Marinwood is 80% more costly than the rest of California. The housing market in Lucas Valley-Marinwood is considered to be very competitive, with homes being sold 3% above the original listed price within 20 days of going on the market. The average price of a house in Lucas Valley-Marinwood is $1.28 million or $514 per square foot. If you’re interested in buying a home in Lucas Valley-Marinwood, now is the time to look before prices continue to rise.

The homeownership rate in Lucas Valley-Marinwood is 82.8%, so there are still people looking to rent in the area. The average rent in Lucas Valley-Marinwood is $3,049. The rent trends in Lucas Valley-Marinwood have been decreasing by 15% for one-bedroom apartments and 13.8% for two-bedroom apartments. For other common items, you can anticipate paying around these prices in Lucas Valley-Marinwood:

Lucas Valley-Marinwood Cost of Items (Everyday Expenses)

  • Meal at a restaurant: $20.00
  • Fast food meal: $9.50
  • Gallon of milk: $4.28
  • Gallon of gas: $3.32
  • Internet: $75.00

Lucas Valley-Marinwood, CA Neighborhoods

Lucas Valley-Marinwood is composed of two neighborhoods, Lucas Valley and Marinwood. Lucas Valley is a smaller neighborhood with a population of 1,994 people. Most people residing there are retirees that have been living in their homes for years. There are a variety of different sizes and styles of homes in Lucas Valley that range from $500,000 to $5 million. Lucas Valley is also surrounded by beautiful green hills that provide residents with awesome hiking spots and views. Marinwood is a much bigger neighborhood with 4,847 people residing there. It is mostly families living in Marinwood since the neighborhood is really close to top-rated schools in the area. There is also a recreational center nearby that many kids visit for their sports practices. Marinwood also has a variety of homes available ranging from smaller homes to mansions with the average house costing around $900,000.

Lucas Valley-Marinwood, CA Weather

One of the many reasons people are relocating to Lucas Valley-Marinwood is for its pleasant weather year-round. Lucas Valley-Marinwood’s summers are long and comfortable with an average high temperature of 78°F and low temperatures of 56°F. The winters in Lucas Valley-Marinwood are cold and short with highs of 58°F and lows of 45°F. Lucas Valley-Marinwood gets an average of 39 inches of rainfall a year, which is about the same as the US average. That means there are still many sunny days in Lucas Valley-Marinwood, so you can participate in all of the outdoor recreational activities nearby year-round!

Things to Do in Lucas Valley-Marinwood, CA

Wondering what fun activities there are to do in Lucas Valley-Marinwood? With beautiful hikes, cool parks, and awesome shopping, there is something fun for everyone to do here! Check out some of the most popular things to do in Lucas Valley-Marinwood below:

Lucas Valley Preserve 

If you’re interested in heading outdoors, then you have to visit Lucas Valley Preserve. With 1,271 acres of open land filled with trails for hiking, biking, and horseback riding, this is a great family-friendly green space.

San Rafael, CA 94903

Marinwood Community Center

Marinwood Community Center is the perfect place to go take your kids for a fun afternoon. With pools with waterslides, tennis courts, yoga classes, and picnic areas, there is a variety of activities you can do! They also offer exercise classes or sports teams for kids to join!

775 Miller Creek Rd, San Rafael, CA 94903, (415) 479-0775

Lucas Valley-Marinwood also provides convenient shopping areas nearby like Rafael North Executive Park, Marinwood Market, and Pacheco Plaza Shopping Center.

Additional Things To Do Near Lucas Valley-Marinwood

Lucas Valley-Marinwood Restaurants

Wondering where the best places are to go eat in Lucas Valley-Marinwood? No worries, we’ve found the top-rated restaurants in the area that are guaranteed to satisfy anyone’s taste buds down below:

Lo Coco’s Authentic Italian Pizzeria

Looking for a tasty pizza place? Lo Coco’s Authentic Italian Pizzeria is the place to go! With over 20 options of different pizzas, salads, and pasta, there is something for everyone here to enjoy! The restaurant also provides a gluten-free menu!

631 Del Ganado Rd, San Rafael, CA 94903, (415) 472-3323

Eduardo’s Restaurant


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If you’re craving classic American food, Eduardo’s serves the best American dishes in Lucas Valley-Marinwood! This restaurant offers breakfast and lunch with choices of breakfast sandwiches, homemade soups, and hand-tossed salads! They also provide dessert, including mocha cake, cookies, brownies, and crumb cake! With many positive reviews complimenting their food and service, Eduardo’s is a must-try!

4200 Redwood Hwy, San Rafael, CA, 94903

Jobs in Lucas Valley-Marinwood, CA

The median salary in Lucas Valley-Marinwood is $124,821. Lucas Valley-Marinwood currently employs 3,222 people. The majority of jobs in Lucas Valley-Marinwood are found in professional and technical services, health care, and insurance. Jobs dealing with real estate and finance in Lucas Valley-Marinwood typically pay the most money. You can find Indeed jobs in Lucas Valley-Marinwood here. Residents in Lucas Valley-Marinwood have an average commute time of 25 minutes, which is the same as the national average. Nevertheless, many people in Lucas Valley-Marinwood travel to San Rafael for their job, which offers a shorter commute time. If your job is located in San Rafael, you can click here for directions from Lucas Valley-Marinwood, CA to San Rafael, CA, which is an 18-minute drive.

Schools in Lucas Valley-Marinwood, CA

There are plenty of awesome schools to choose from in Lucas Valley-Marinwood. The most popular schools in Lucas Valley-Marinwood are Dixie Elementary School, Miller Creek Middle School, Nova Education Center, and Novato High School. All of these schools are rated highly because of their student’s great academic progress and test scores. There are also excellent private schools nearby, including St. Isabella School, Parkside Children’s Center, and Saint Raphael Elementary School. Most of these schools are smaller, which allows students to receive more one-on-one time with their teachers.

Living in Lucas Valley-Marinwood Pros & Cons

  • The schools in Lucas Valley-Marinwood are highly rated
  • There are plenty of good restaurants to eat at and activities to do in the area
  • It is more expensive to live in Lucas Valley-Marinwood than in other areas of California

Think Lucas Valley-Marinwood might be the place for you? If that’s the case, you’ll want to contact our leading Lucas Valley-Marinwood moving company to help get you there! Mentors Moving is with you every step of the way.


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