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How to move your copier, printer or books

Last Updated on: 26th August 2021, 11:20 am

It is not uncommon for your move to include a copy machine and/or printer as well as a number of books. You might have asked yourself, how do I pack these items, so they do not break during my move? There are a few suggestions that will help making this task an easy one. There is one thing to consider, if your home copier turns out to be larger than desk size, it is highly recommended to have it serviced by a professional before it is being transported.

Here are a few steps to prepare your copy machine for moving:

  • Remove the paper tray and cartridge.
  • Secure the document cover, exit tray and alternate paper tray before packing.
  • If your unit comes with shipping pins, which keep the internal parts in place during transit, they should be removed from the storage location on the document cover and placed according to directions in the owner’s manual.

How to handle your printer:

It is best to remove the toner and laser cartridges of any laser printer. Dispose of them safely and get new ones at your new home or office. If your printer is a different type of  printer, then the print head should be secured by a professional, with preparation depending on the model.

How to move your books:

Even in our digital age, we cherish our books and want to make sure that they do not get ripped or otherwise damaged during a move. It is advised to pack books of the same general size together, in small book cartons.

Pack them either flat, or with the spine touching the bottom of the carton. Do not pack with spine facing upward, as glue can break away from the binder.
Expensively bound volumes of those of sentimental value should be individually wrapped before packing.


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