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Churches in Santa Rosa - Top 9 List with Details

Churches in Santa Rosa, CA | ⛪ Top 9 List with Details (2022)

Church is meant to be a place where people can feel comfortable and worship in a way that is most suited to their beliefs and desires. When it comes to faith, scriptures, and gospel teachings, there are plenty of great churches in Santa Rosa, CA to choose from.

These locations are welcoming to all and provide core values that match many of the most common religions across the world. You are sure to find local Santa Rosa churches that match what you believe so you can attend meetings and worship in a way that works for you.

1. The Promise Center – Top Non-denominational Church in Santa Rosa

At The Promise Center, the congregation follows a vision, a mission, and a series of core essential truths. These basic principles include that the Bible is the Word of God, that Jesus Christ is God’s son, and that people must be born again.

Headed up by lead pastor Chadwick King, this local non-denominational church in Santa Rosa has attracted many newcomers looking to worship God. They strive to live by family values, loving the Lord, pursuing excellence, and choosing to live joyfully.


Church Service Times:

  • Sunday @ 9:30 am & 11:00 am

2. Bayside Church Santa Rosa – Popular Non-denominational Church

Led by Pastor Dan Ferguson, the Bayside Church emphasizes key beliefs focused on standard non-denominational Christian views. Their main system encompasses the Bible as God’s word, which they believe was written by men who were supernaturally influenced by the Holy Spirit.

The church has additional interim pastors including Brian Hopkins and Dan Houk who assist Pastor Dan in teaching their followers. They share about God as the Creator and Ruler and that people are made in His image. Their beliefs also discuss how the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are one God.


Church Service Times:

  • In person Sunday @ 10:00 am
  • Online Sunday @ 10:00 am & 11:11 am

3. Community Baptist Church – Largest Santa Rosa Church for Baptists

Among the most popular Baptist churches in Santa Rosa, the local Community Baptist Church offers a pleasant place of worship. Originally established in 1951, Reverend Doctor H. Lee Turner currently serves the church as its head pastor.

Following traditional Baptist teachings, members of Community Baptist Church are instructed on the need to be born again through baptism. Sins can be forgiven when followers recognize that Christ died on the cross and that through him they can be saved. Their leaders often invite people to serve their local community through multiple outreach programs as well.


Church Service Times:

  • Online Only (See website for service times during the week)

4. New Vintage Church – A Santa Rosa Christian Church

New Vintage Church offers a welcoming place to worship God and enjoy weekly services. As another one of the top Christian churches in Santa Rosa, their congregation is led by Pastor Darren Youngstrom who teaches about God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, and other core values.

The central belief system is based on Jesus Christ dying on the cross as a way for mankind to be forgiven of their sins. Obedience to the teachings in the Bible is also a common theme for their meetings, which feature speakers and live bands. They believe in the Trinity, which means three beings as one.


Church Service Times:

  • Sunday @ 11 am

5. Saint Rose Catholic Church – Best Place of Worship for Catholics in Santa Rosa

Saint Rose is the largest Catholic church in Santa Rosa, providing a safe haven for members of this faith. Father Michaelraj Philominsamy is the lead pastor who conducts their meetings throughout the week.

Based on the Catholic belief system, their church offers people daily Mass services as well as weddings, communion, and confession. They also provide seasonal services depending on the time of year.


Church Service Times:

  • Mass Sunday @ 9:00 am (Online & In-person)
  • Monday – Saturday @ 8:30 am (In-person)

6. Church of the Incarnation – Local Episcopal Church in Santa Rosa

While their earliest services were held as far back as 1868, the building now used for Church of the Incarnation services was constructed in 1873. It was officially recognized as a parish of the Episcopal Church in the year 1895. While it is one of the biggest Protestant churches in Santa Rosa, its core beliefs are considered Episcopal.

Rector Stephen Shaver leads their Holy Eucharist on Sunday mornings where the services include readings from the Old and New Testaments as well as the Holy Communion. Basic Episcopal beliefs are in a loving God who is also Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.


Church Service Times:

  • Sunday @ 9:30 am (Online)

7. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints – Large Christian Church in Santa Rosa

With seven locations across the area, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is one of the largest churches in Santa Rosa. Their family-friendly atmosphere invites people of all ages to come and worship Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ within their local ward buildings.

Commonly known as the Mormon church or the LDS church, each location is led by a Bishop and two counselors. The core beliefs of Latter-day Saints are that God is a loving Heavenly Father, that Christ is the Savior, and that there is an eternal Plan of Salvation. Local leaders and members alike are invited to read the Holy Bible as well as the Book of Mormon.


8. Santa Rosa Bible Church – Great Place of Worship for Christians

Led by preaching Pastor Josh Carillo and discipleship Pastor Chris Bauer, Santa Rosa Bible Church is a popular place of worship in the community. They have many family programs that make it an inviting location for parents and children.

Their leaders, known as Elders, strive to teach the key teachings of the Bible to the best of their own understanding. They consider it the ultimate authority over everyone’s lives and the only counsel that comes from God. This is why they preach of God, the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the works of the Holy Spirit.


Church Service Times:

  • Sunday @  9:45 am & 11 am

9. Church of the Roses – Best Presbyterian Church in Santa Rosa

The head pastor at Church of the Roses is Reverend Doctor Cindy Alloway. Her vision is to make their church an inclusive community with a central focus on Christ. They worship and bring glory to God through prayer, reading from the Bible, and faith.

As the top Presbyterian church in Santa Rosa, services welcome seniors, singles, families, and youth to worship with them each week. They preach love and acceptance of all people to ensure everyone who attends feels comfortable and included.


Church Service Times:

  • Sunday @ 10 am

Map of Churches in Santa Rosa, CA

Which Santa Rosa Place of Worship is Right for You?

Thanks to this list of the top churches in Santa Rosa, you can start searching for a place where you can feel most comfortable. Matching your own beliefs to the core values taught at these locations will give you a headstart when deciding where to attend your weekly meetings.

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