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Best Places to Live in Tempe, AZ

Tempe Neighborhoods [2024] | ?️ Best Neighborhoods in Tempe with Map

Last Updated on: 14th July 2022, 01:51 pm

Tempe is a city in Maricopa County, located in the East Valley of metropolitan Phoenix. With a population of 180,587, Tempe is an inner suburb between the central city of Phoenix and the rest of the East Valley. The city is home to Arizona State University, the Salt River, which runs west through its northern part. It also contains two dams, which resulted in Tempe Town Lake’s creation

The city of Tempe offers exciting parks and other outdoor creations, excellent weather, and a fantastic college scene. The affordability and close proximity to the Phoenix metro makes it a great metropolis to live in. Young professionals can leverage several employment opportunities in all industries because of Arizona State University, Wells Fargo, and the growing job market. The city’s residents and visitors can enjoy many public transportation options and some free transportation, including the Valley Metro Light Rail and the Orbit Bus. Tempe neighborhoods are also perfect places to live, especially for young adults, families, and old people.

Are you wondering if Tempe is a nice place to live in? You might want to decide which neighborhood is best for you before moving to Tempe. Do you want to live near Downtown, on the outskirts, or in a lovely school district? Here is a comprehensive guide to all the neighborhoods in Tempe, allowing you to choose the one that fits your mood and needs! 

Alta Mira – the Most Affluent Neighborhood in Tempe 


Alta Mira - The Most Affluent Neighborhood in Tempe

Alta Mira is one of the most upscale neighborhoods. Large, expensive homes, which have an average of 1 to 4 bedrooms and 2-3 washrooms perfect for working young adults, are a common sight here. Home types in this neighborhood include townhouses, lofts, single-family homes, and condominiums. 

This Tempe neighborhood is a home buyer’s favorite. Also, Alta Mira is known for its safety with ample sidewalks. These sidewalks allow its residents to conveniently walk or ride a cycle, making them two of the most preferred modes of transportation. The neighborhood also has many well-regarded schools, making it a favorite community for young families. There are several social amenities comprising shopping centers, restaurants, and Goodwin Park.

Camelot Village – Tempe’s Safest Neighborhood 


Camelot Village - Tempe's Safest Neighborhood

The neighborhood is known as the safest area in Tempe. Not only is it safe, but this neighborhood also offers plenty of job opportunities to its residents, which have appealed to many young adults. Amenities like excellent schools also appeal to young families. The area is close to Sandahl, so the region shares a lot of schools with Camelot Village. 

The neighborhood carries a strong community feeling which is an attraction for investors, and residents – especially Halloween and Fourth of July celebrations here offer a great platform to bind the community together. 

It is perfect for individuals who are looking for a warm community-oriented neighborhood. There are a lot of amenities available in the area. Still, safety makes Camelot Village one of the top choices for families and the LGBTQ community to move in. 

The Lakes – the Coolest Neighborhood in Tempe


The Lakes - The Coolest Neighborhood in Tempe

This neighborhood of The Lakes is perfect for families who enjoy the outdoors and a cool place to live for adults. Did you know that The Lakes neighborhood has more Eastern European and Finnish ancestry people living in it than almost any neighborhood in the United States? This fact alone tells a lot about the diversity of this relaxed Tempe suburb! 

The Lakes is home to various amenities, including walking and bike paths, shopping, and parks. It’s also close to Kiwanis Park, which is a 125-acre area that includes a lake, batting range, sports fields, a famous recreation center, and many playgrounds. The main attraction for young families is the suburban appeal of this cool neighborhood in Tempe.

Dava-Lakeshore – the Most Affordable Tempe Neighborhood


Dava-Lakeshore - The Most Affordable Tempe Neighborhood

Dava-Lakeshore offers many fun things to do available at the corner of South McClintock Drive and East Elliot Road. But the thing that makes it the popular option for most people is its affordable cost of living. This neighborhood is the perfect place if you want to rent an apartment or purchase a single-family home, primarily because of cheap real estate.

The rent in the neighborhood is lower compared to other areas in Tempe, even with the excellent access to strong employment opportunities and local amenities. Residents easily access restaurants, cinemas, grocery stores, and healthcare services. 

This affordable neighborhood in Tempe is also one of the safest. And residents are within walking distance of Corbell Park, a renovated green space with a playground, a basketball court, a soccer field, walkways, and picnic ramadas – making it a perfect place to raise a family! 

Downtown Tempe – the Best Tempe Neighborhood for College Students 


Downtown Tempe - Best Tempe Neighborhood for College Students

Home to the Arizona State University and the State Farm Insurance headquarters, this neighborhood is the best neighborhood for college students. Public transportation, nightlife, walkability, dining, and start-ups are big attractions for young adults. Downtown also has a fantastic coffee shop and food scene, which you can visit with your friends or girlfriend. This neighborhood also has plenty of gay-friendly bars, including Fat Tuesday Tempe. You can also see several historic sites with your family and kids

Raintree – the Best Pet-Friendly Neighborhood in Tempe 


Raintree - The Best Pet-Friendly Neighborhood in Tempe

Described as a small and quiet neighborhood near the Ken McDonald Golf Course, Raintree is one of the best neighborhoods in Tempe, and its residents have perfect access to public education. The public schools in the area are the best attraction of the neighborhood. 

Raintree perfectly balances employment opportunities, local amenities, affordability, and safety. It’s also home to the Tempe Sports Complex and its famous dog park. Here, you can have a walk with your furry friend and complete your workout goals. 

Residents have good access to local amenities in the neighborhood’s northeast corner. Living here also means you can always run away to the Tempe Beach Park on the Salt River for a weekend giveaway. So, if you and your fur-buddy are looking for the best pet-friendly neighborhood in Tempe, Raintree is an excellent choice!

Tally Ho Farms North – Tempe Neighborhood without HOA


Tally Ho Farms North - The Tempe Neighborhood without HOA

HomeSnacks has ranked Tally Ho Farms North “the fourth-best neighborhood to live in” for 2019. An interesting thing about this Tempe neighborhood is that it’s one of the few communities that allow horses, chickens, and goats, as there’s no Homeowner Association. 

The neighborhood has several amenities, including grocery shops, gyms, cafes, and restaurants. It also has an amazing curb appeal, paddocks of horses, sidewalks, and large yards with casitas, setting a scenic view for the residents. 

96% of residents own their homes, and moving to this neighborhood means you don’t have to deal with the local homeowner’s association. You will not have to pay any monthly dues. Not only this, but the neighborhood is also very pet-friendly. You can take your furry friend for a walk down the sidewalks and walk past horses in Buena Vista Rancho Park.

Small but one of the richest Tempe neighborhoods, the residents here enjoy a 213% higher average household income than Arizona’s average. 

Cyprus Southwest – the Most Expensive & Historic Neighborhood in Tempe


Cyprus Southwest - The Most Expensive & Historic Neighborhood in Tempe

Cyprus Southwest is located in south-central Tempe and has a low crime rate. It also provides easy access to neighborhood amenities and local freeways. Cyprus Southwest features several opportunities for rent, with the median rent at $888.

The neighborhood has a wide range of influential schools and a vast arrangement of architectural styles. Cyprus Southwest is also home to various shopping centers, public libraries, and green spaces, including Tempe History Museum and Hollis Park. Another attraction of this neighborhood is its strong public education, which is best for families and history enthusiasts.

South Tempe – the Most Diverse & Trendy Neighborhood in Tempe 


South Tempe - The Most Diverse & Trendy Neighborhood in Tempe

South Tempe is the most ethnically diverse and trendy neighborhood in Tempe. It’s home to 56.7% non-Hispanic white, 11.6% Hispanic, 8.93% Asian, and 6.53% Black. You’ll also find luxurious houses, large yards, and highly rated schools in this neighborhood. The Arizona State University Research Park is also located here. 

There are a lot of business and technology headquarters in this area, resulting in many job opportunities. You will also have access to gorgeous landscaping, lakes, and jogging tracks so you can stay in nature and complete your workout goals!

McClintock – One of the Calmest Neighborhood in Tempe 


Tempe light rail station McClintock and Apache” by Nick Bastian Tempe, AZ is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0 .

McClintock is situated near Downtown Tempe and Arizona University, which attracts a lot of young families and ASU students to live here. Most of the area’s residents live in rental houses, making it a thriving market for investment properties. Moving to this Tempe neighborhood will give you a perfect balance between downtown living and suburban feels, allowing residents to enjoy all amenities without the hassle and bustle of Downtown.  

Best Neighborhoods in Tempe Map

If you had to pick a neighborhood in Tempe, which one would you choose? Neighborhoods in Tempe have something for everyone, depending on your preference, lifestyle, and budget. Excellent schools, safe neighborhoods, a healthy job market, and a perfect balance of rural and urban living. Whether you’re looking for an affordable place to live or want to live in a quaint or gay-friendly community, these Tempe suburbs have got you covered. It really just depends on what you are looking for!

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