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Bakersfield ULTIMATE Utilities Guide ? | Water, Electric, Gas, Internet & More

Last Updated on: 9th September 2022, 11:09 am

Moving can definitely be an overwhelming experience. Along with packing up, labeling boxes, and planning the move itself, you also need to have your utilities turned off and new utilities connected at your new home. The good news is most utilities in Bakersfield, CA support fast, easy online service requests which make it easy to get your service started before you even move in. The bad news? Bakersfield, unlike many cities, does not offer many options for utility companies. There is just one option for natural gas and electric: PG&E. You won’t be able to switch utility providers if you aren’t happy with the rates or service.

Here’s everything you need to know about Bakersfield utility companies including how to start/stop utilities, how to pay your bill, and average utilities costs in Bakersfield.

Bakersfield Gas & Electric Utilities | Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E)

Bakersfield electricity and natural gas is provided by PG&E, a San Francisco-based utility company that serves most of northern California from Bakersfield to the Oregon state line. Overseen by the California Public Utilities Commission, PG&E filed for bankruptcy in 2019 after it was blamed for massive wildfires in 2017 and 2018.

How to Set Up a PG&E Account

You can set up gas and electric service in Bakersfield by completing an online service request. Service can be started or stopped up to 60 days beforehand or same-day. You can select “New to PG&E” from the website and enter your service address, electric rate plan, and contact info to get started. There may be a required deposit to start service.

If you are an existing PG&E customer, service can be transferred to your new address by choosing “Stop or Start Service” and “Transfer Service” from your PG&E account.

Average Cost for Electricity & Natural Gas in Bakersfield

PG&E offers several rate plans to choose from. The Tiered Rate Plan has several pricing levels depending on how much energy you use. The Time-of-Use plan has variable prices based on when you use energy and the season. You can also add a SmartRate add-on for a discount on summer electric bills or a Net Energy Metering add-on to get credit for a power generator like solar panels.

With the tiered rate plan, you’ll pay $0.24/kWh up to the Baseline Allocation, then $0.31/kWh for up to 400% of the Baseline Allocation, and $0.54/kWh for anything that exceeds this limit. Rates on the Time-of-Use plan are as low as $0.22/kWh off-peak during the winter and up to $0.41/kWh during the peak times during the summer. You can click here to see how the Time-of-Use rates work.

How to Pay Your PG&E Bill

You have many ways to pay your gas and electric bill in Bakersfield. PG&E supports automatic recurring payments with a debit or credit card with a convenience fee of $1 or $1.35. There are no service fees for automatic recurring payments through a bank account. You can enroll in automatic payments through your PG&E account.

You can make one-time payments on your PG&E bill online or by calling 1-877-704-8470. There is a convenience fee for phone payments using a bank account, debit card, or credit card.

To pay your PG&E bill by mail, send a check payable to PG&E and your bill stub to:


PO Box 997300

Sacramento, CA 95899-7300

Finally, you can pay in person at an authorized payment center. Click here to find a PG&E payment center in Bakersfield. Payment centers include grocery stores, ACE Cash Express stores, and dollar stores. If you pay before 5 pm, your payment will post same-day.

Contact Information for PG&E

Bakersfield Water Company | California Water Service

There are several water companies in Bakersfield. Your water utility will depend on where you live, but most areas of the city are served by California Water Service (Cal-Water). A sizable section of the city around San Lauren and South San Lauren is served directly by the City of Bakersfield. You can check here to see which water company serves your address.

How to Set up a Cal-Water Account

You can start water service in Bakersfield online at Cal-Water. You do not need an online account to start or stop service, but you will need to provide your service address.

Average Cost for Water in Bakersfield

Water bills in Bakersfield are usually cheap thanks to the city’s large underground aquifer and the Kern River. Bakersfield has a three-tier system with water rates of $1.99 to $2.52 per 100 cubic feet of water on the metered system plus a monthly service charge starting at $16.87. For flat-rate residential customers, the rate is $78.03 for a home 6,000 square feet or less.

How to Pay Your Cal-Water Bill

There are several ways to pay your Cal-Water bill. You can pay online with a Cal-Water account after enrolling in Automatic Payments or make payments over the phone by calling 661-837-7200.

Contact Information for Cal-Water

Bakersfield Trash Service | City of Bakersfield Solid Waste Division

Trash pickup is provided by the City of Bakersfield. You can check your collection schedule here for recycling and trash pickup. The cost for trash service is $223 per year or $18.58 per month with a county fee of $82.89/year. There’s an additional fee of $9.11 per month for an additional cart.

How to Start Trash Service in Bakersfield

You can submit a new trash service request online through the City of Bakersfield website. You’ll need to enter your service address, the type of service, and contact information.

How to Pay Your Trash Bill

You can pay your Bakersfield trash bill online after registering for an account here. You can also pay your bill in person at the administrative building on Truxtun Avenue.

Contact Information for the Bakersfield Solid Waste Division

Bakersfield Internet Providers | AT&T, Frontier & Spectrum

You’ll definitely want to choose a reliable internet service provider ahead of relocating within or to Bakersfield. There are several internet providers that serve Bakersfield including:

  • Spectrum. Choose from several packages for internet, TV, and home phone from Spectrum in Bakersfield. High-speed Spectrum internet starts at speeds of 100Mbps with no contracts.
  • Frontier. Frontier offers broadband internet speeds of up to 25Mbps starting at $28/month. You can also bundle internet service with phone and TV.
  • AT&T. AT&T offers TV and internet services in Bakersfield. Internet starts at $45/month with speeds of up to 100Mbps.

Contact Information for Bakersfield Internet Utilities




Bakersfield Cell Phone Providers | Verizon, AT&T, & T-Mobile

If you’re moving from outside the state or area, you may consider switching cell phone providers to get the best coverage. In California, Verizon has the best network coverage followed by AT&T and T-Mobile. All three networks have several store locations in Bakersfield to sign up for service, pay your bill, or upgrade your device.

Contact Information for Cell Phone Providers in Bakersfield




Now you have everything you need to turn on utilities at your new home in Bakersfield, California. Ready to get started with the next steps ahead of moving day? Get started by contacting the award-winning Bakersfield movers at Mentors Moving & Storage today to request your free moving estimate.


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