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Santa Rosa White Glove Delivery


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White glove and designer deliveries are undertakings that require lots of care and proper training in all the right procedures – whether it’s paintings, furniture, or some other valuable item you want delivered.. You need people who know what they’re doing, and luckily for you, we’ve got highly trained white glove professionals at Mentor’s Moving!

No matter what valuable item you need delivered, and no matter what sort of place you need it delivered to, Mentor’s Moving is prepared to handle anything you’ve got in the Santa Rosa area.

With Mentor’s Moving, our white glove delivery service covers Santa Rosa, the Santa Rosa-Petaluma metropolitan area, and all of Sonoma County.

White Glove & Designer Delivery Services in Santa Rosa

The typical white glove delivery service involves a valuable item being accepted into the receiving warehouse of a mover, such as Mentor’s Moving, and then being delivered from that warehouse to the residence or location the owner of the item specifies, with things like installation, assembly, and clearance of leftover trash after the job being handled by professionals at every step!

That description is a bit vague, so allow us to describe every aspect of a designer delivery in detail!
It should go without saying that Mentor’s Moving is prepared to handle all of these minutiae of tough white glove deliveries without breaking stride! Count on us!

Industries Served with Santa Rosa White Glove Delivery Services

Showrooms are an industry that benefit greatly from white glove delivery – there are few places where making sure an item arrives in peak condition is more important! Be they used by interior designers, architects, furniture manufacturers, importers, or whomever else typically sells products in this fashion, they all need experienced crews that will treat their products with the care they deserve. Industries like real estate also benefit, as having scuffed furniture or art pieces in a home isn’t a good look during a sale! In a similar vein, Airbnb users also need their homes to look nice. Last but certainly not least are big, high-end corporate moves – an expert’s touch is needed to ensure that things like art pieces, important furniture, and antiques make it to the new location intact.

Should you happen to be in any of these industries in the Santa Rosa area, be utterly assured that nobody is more qualified for the job than Mentor’s Moving!

Why Choose Mentor’s Moving for your Santa Rosa White Glove Delivery Needs

If you need a designer delivery done right, proper research into any prospective companies you’re looking at is key.

First of all, the company should have the tools for the job – moving blankets, well-maintained trucks, dollies, and other tools that’ll aid in moving your items safely. They should have good reviews on sites like Google or Yelp, and up-to-date licensing and insurance. They should have well-trained crews and warehouses that’ll keep your incredibly valuable objects safe.

As should be no surprise, Mentor’s Moving has all of these, and then some! With half a decade of experience under our belt and excellent reviews on Google, our teams are ready to take on just about any sort of situation you put in front of us. We’ll get your job done quickly, correctly, and at a reasonable price!

Mentor’s Moving award-winning white glove delivery services areas like Santa Rosa, the Santa Rosa-Petaluma metropolitan area, and all of Sonoma County.
Chances are that if you’re here, you’re well aware that something like a white glove delivery requires lots of care, proper training, and a crew that knows what they’re doing. Hence, it can be nerve wracking when deciding upon which moving company you’ll choose for the job – but worry no more! Mentor’s Moving will handle your sensitive delivery with grace and brevity, all at affordable prices. Give us a call at 707-205-3548 or fill out our online form for a totally cost-free quote!