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Santa Rosa Apartment Movers With Mentors Moving


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Planning to move to Santa Rosa from a nearby town or city? If so, your relocation will likely fall under the category of a local move. Local moves are defined as being 50 miles or less. Although the distance traveled is not too far, there is plenty that goes into the planning process. Finding a new place to live, organizing your belongings, packing up your household, and formally changing your address are just a few of the tasks involved.

If you are planning to move to an apartment in Santa Rosa, there are even more duties on your to-do list. Less flexible move-in and move-out dates, multi-level buildings, and noise concerns can all factor into the process. One of the best strategies for ensuring that your upcoming relocation goes smoothly is to hire professional Santa Rosa apartment movers.

Hiring Professional Santa Rosa Apartment Movers - Top Reasons

Weighing the pros and cons of hiring a Santa Rosa apartment moving company? There are plenty of reasons to enlist professional help instead of taking the DIY route.
Explore some of the top benefits of hiring apartment moving services:
Reduced stress
  • Movers handle all aspects of the moving process
  • Relocation experts are properly trained
  • Experts know how to best protect your apartment and items during the move
  • Ultra convenient
  • No need to call friends and family for help
Save hours of time
  • All moving details are planned and handled for you
  • Spend more time on things that are important to you
  • Focus on other tasks — such as setting up utilities, filling out change of address forms
  • Movers are quick and efficient, which helps you relocate faster
Movers provide expert packing services
  • Using proven techniques reduces the risk of breakage during transportation and handling
  • Avoid one of the most challenging and time consuming tasks in the moving process
Packing supplies provided for you
  • Skip the hassle of sourcing free boxes
  • Prevent overpaying for materials
  • Ensure that you have access to professional-grade materials and supplies
  • Prevent the risk of getting injured during the moving process by having everything handled for you
Additional services provided
  • Assembly and disassembly of big furniture items
  • Rearranging of furniture in the house
  • Putting boxes in the proper rooms

On top of these benefits, individuals who are moving into an apartment have even more reason to hire professional movers for apartments. Why? Apartment communities often have common areas that must be protected. This includes landscaping, floors, walls, and the like. In the event that these are damaged during a DIY move, you are held responsible for all fees incurred. If you are moving into a multi-level complex, the stairs and elevators must be protected to avoid damage. Most individuals performing DIY moves do not have the necessary training or tools to protect these common spaces.

Additionally, apartment moves are far more strenuous than home moves. Rather than having your own driveway, you are often required to carry appliances, furniture, and all moving boxes across a parking lot and through common areas. This can rapidly cause muscle aches and fatigue, making the relocation process even more stressful. 

Santa Rosa Apartment Moving Requires Specialized Equipment & Training

The importance of having skilled and experienced apartment movers to help you with your upcoming relocation cannot be overstated. On top of using their training and strength to assist with this challenging type of move, they also arrive with top-rated materials, trucks, tools, and equipment. These are also a must-have for any successful apartment move. Explore some of the equipment, tools, and training we provide with Mentors Moving:
  • Trucks
    • Well-maintained and regularly cleaned
    • Size of trucks
      • Mix of sizes to accommodate your needs
      • Specialized moving boxes
    • Standard equipment on every local move in the truck
      • Toolbox
      • Straps
      • Furniture blankets
      • Dollies – furniture and box
      • Wardrobe boxes
      • Extra boxes
      • Shrink wrap
      • Tape
  • Dedicated crew 
    • Special industry training — 160 hour training program for all moving staff 
    • 30+ team members
    • 1,200+ moves per year
Combining all of these resources, we are able to deliver an unparalleled relocation experience to all of our customers. Even for our clients who are moving into a high-rise building, our team can tackle the most difficult apartment moves.

How Much Does a Santa Rosa Apartment Move Cost?

Need an estimate for your upcoming Santa Rosa apartment move? The total cost that you’ll pay depends on select factors. The size of your apartment (both your current home and soon-to-be home), the floor number that you are located on, the total number of services you request, and your move-out and move-in dates are just a few of the factors that contribute to your cost.

If you are looking to get a more detailed idea of what it costs to move into your one bedroom, two bedroom, or three bedroom apartment in Santa Rosa, be sure to call our team for a custom quote today. 

How to Choose the Best Santa Rosa Apartment Moving Company

What are some of the most important factors to assess when looking for the best Santa Rosa apartment movers? Feeling at peace with your ultimate choice is easier than you might think. By taking the following steps, you can effortlessly find a top-rated company to help you with your upcoming apartment move. 

Request and read client testimonials from the company
Make sure to review all relevant trust stats (e.g. claims rates, years in business, referral rate)

Confirm that the company has the proper licenses, insurance, and that they are bonded

Verify that they have proper equipment for moving safely and without damage
Speak with company reps to ensure that they deliver awesome customer service
Our team at Mentors Moving is proud to meet all of the above criteria and more. Completing over 1,200 moves per year, we are ready to provide an outstanding apartment moving experience for your upcoming Santa Rosa relocation. Contact us today at 707-205-3548 to reserve your services.