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White Glove Furniture Delivery in CA & AZ


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Dependable receiving, crating, storage, and delivery is crucial to the success of your business. You need white glove furniture delivery services you can count on to guarantee your valuable or fragile shipments are handled with meticulous care. We make your customers’ satisfaction our priority while ensuring your supply chain product flow is handled seamlessly at every step.

Whether you are arranging delivery of fragile or one-of-a-kind items, high-end furniture, artwork, or stone countertops, Mentors Moving & Storage is ready to be the logistics partner you can trust. Our white glove movers in San Luis Obispo, Bakersfield, Santa Rosa, and Phoenix Metro will make sure each shipment reaches its final destination in perfect condition

White Glove & Designer Delivery Services

A reliable white glove furniture delivery company helps you run your business efficiently by handling the logistics with the level of care and attention your customers expect. You do not need to waste valuable time checking the status of shipments, overseeing returns, or worrying about late, missing, or damaged shipments that eat into your bottom line and damage your reputation.

Your business as well as your customers will benefit from efficient supply chain management and white glove installation. Whether you are shipping large glass items, high-end furniture, valuable art, or one-of-a-kind furnishings, Mentors Moving & Storage is prepared to be the partner your business needs with comprehensive white glove delivery and storage in Phoenix, San Luis Obispo, Santa Rosa, and Bakersfield.

Receiving Services

Most trade vendors will not ship to private residences or offices. Our warehouse receiving ensures each item is accepted, inspected, and stored properly prior to the final delivery.

Large Office Moves

The larger your office, the more coordination will be necessary for a seamless and easy transition to a new location. Our affordable office movers develop a detailed plan to relocate your office efficiently and without any damaged equipment or lost data. We can work within your timeline with tailored solutions for a stress-free move.

Pickup Services

Warehouse receiving isn’t always the most appropriate solution for a seamless delivery process. Our white glove movers offer pickup service from furniture showrooms, manufacturers, and more to ensure your shipment is handled properly at every step.

Inspection & Quality Control

Each shipment we receive or pick up is carefully inspected for packaging quality, damage, and other flaws. You will be informed if there are any issues with your product that need to be addressed. During this process, we will repackage or custom crate items that need improved protection prior to final delivery.

Storage & Warehousing

Mentors Moving & Storage offers short-term and long-term storage options in our secure, climate controlled warehouse. We will store and consolidate your shipments and arrange delivery with your customer.

Inventory Management

You will always be up-to-date on what has been received at our warehouse, the status and condition of items as they are inspected, and when deliveries occur. This seamless order fulfillment process gives you peace of mind with complete inventory management.


Mentors Moving & Storage will handle the last mile delivery of your shipments with the utmost care. Our white glove transportation and delivery is a full-service solution that ensures merchandise reaches your customer in perfect condition.


Our white glove movers are committed to delivering the perfect white glove installation experience for your customers. We will assemble and place furniture, hang artwork, and make sure each item is placed according to plan.

Rubbish Removal

Your customers will be left with a great impression of your business and the quality of the products they receive. After delivery and installation, we carefully remove all packaging and rubbish so your customer can immediately appreciate their new furnishings in the space.

Facilitate Returns & Repairs

Your shipment will be inspected as soon as it is received for quality control. If it arrives damaged or flawed, we will let you know and facilitate with third-party repairs or a return and exchange with the manufacturer.

AZ & CA Industries We Serve with White Glove Delivery Services

Mentors Moving & Storage is committed to being the warehouse receiving, storage, and delivery service your business needs. We will take over the logistics of your business to support your reputation and reduce or avoid the high costs of delivery delays and damaged merchandise. We offer meticulous designer furniture delivery in Phoenix, San Luis Obispo, Santa Rosa, and Bakersfield for a range of industries.

Interior Designers

At Mentors Moving & Storage, we understand the many logistical challenges of running a successful interior design business. While your customers may only consider the work you put into designing their space and choosing furnishings and the finished result, we know that your business relies on carefully managed shipments and quality delivery services.

Our interior designer delivery services offer a reliable solution to managing the logistical side of your business, ensuring your vision is executed on time and to your high standards. We offer receiving, pickup, quality control, and white glove delivery of everything from artwork and fragile items to high-end furniture. We’ll facilitate prompt exchanges of any damaged merchandise we receive, consolidate shipments, and arrange final delivery and top-notch installation to give your clients the impression you want.


Your customers have high expectations. When they purchase high-end furniture, they expect it to be delivered with care and in perfect condition. Our white glove delivery services allow you to provide the best customer experience possible while supporting your hard-earning reputation and preventing costly damage and returns.

Our white glove movers use special care when handling and transporting high-end furniture. We use the right techniques and equipment to inspect, store, load, transport, and deliver everything from custom furniture and fragile items to handcrafted wood furniture and heavy stone pieces.


At Mentors Moving & Storage, we serve architect firms, builders, and contractors with dedicated white glove delivery services. When you are designing or building a high-end or custom space, you depend on careful handling and delivery of one-of-a-kind items and materials to the jobsite. We offer receiving and pickup services with quality control, shipment consolidation, and white glove delivery of everything from stone countertops and fireplace mantles to high-end furnishings and finishes.


Import companies face unique logistical challenges. Your business relies on long-distance shipping, yet you may not have the setup to receive and store goods. Partnering with a dependable white glove delivery company allows you to reduce expensive damage and merchandise returns, shorten lead times, and ensure your customers receive the quality goods they expect.

We are prepared to assist your import business with warehouse receiving, inspection and quality control, storage solutions, and white glove delivery. We can also offer services such as custom crating and repackaging and facilitation of returns so you can focus on running your business.

Why Choose Mentors Moving & Storage for Your White Glove Delivery Needs

We understand what an important decision you face when choosing a receiving warehouse and white glove delivery company. The quality and dependability of the last mile delivery can make or break your reputation and bottom line.

Mentors Moving & Storage takes pride in delivering dependable logistics services that function as an extension of your business. We are an award-winning white glove transportation company with more than 12 years of industry experience and hundreds of 5-star Yelp and Facebook reviews. Our white glove movers complete an intensive 160-hour training program to be sure they are equipped with the knowledge and skill necessary to properly pack and move all types of merchandise, including high-value furniture, artwork, electronics, custom items, fragile merchandise, and oversized or heavy items.

Are you ready for a designer furniture delivery service you can trust to live up to your brand’s reputation? Mentors Moving & Storage offers white glove delivery in Bakersfield, San Luis Obispo, and Santa Rosa, CA and Phoenix, AZ. Contact us today to discuss your logistics needs and how we can help your business.

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