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Intrastate Movers in California


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Relocating to a new residence is always stressful, no matter how far you travel. Whether it’s to a new city or the opposite side of the state, transitioning to a new home is never an easy process. So, to help make your journey stress-free, consider hiring a team of experienced California intrastate movers to handle the job. At Mentors Movers, we cover Santa Rosa, all of Sonoma County, and the entire Santa-Rosa-Petaluma metropolitan area. Reach out today to request a free custom quote.

What is a California Intrastate Move?

Intrastate travel is a specific type of relocation that occurs all within the same state. Interstate means that you are crossing state lines, and cross country means that you are likely traveling across several states. So, before you hire any Santa Rosa intrastate movers, it’s important to understand the distinctions. 

It’s also helpful to know that Intrastate typically implies long-distance travel. Relocating to a new home within the same general area is a local move. At Mentors Moving and Storage, we define a local move as anything within a 40-mile radius. Therefore if your destination is more than 40 miles from your current home but within the same state, you would hire a California interstate moving company. So if you were moving from San Francisco to Portland, it would be an interstate move. But Santa Rosa to San Jose would be considered an intrastate move. 

Clients hire in-state movers for many reasons. Perhaps you’re experiencing a sudden life change, such as having a baby or getting married.  It may also be employment-related if you recently started a new job or decided it’s time to retire. Or maybe you’re looking for a change of scenery and want to buy a home with more space or better schools

In that case, a professional California intrastate moving company can make your transition much less anxiety-inducing by offering all the organizational systems and the tools required to complete the job. 

But keep in mind, moving companies in California are required to be licensed and regulated by the California Public Utilities Commission. So before hiring anyone, confirm they are licensed and insured according to state requirements. 

Common Santa Rosa Intrastate moves include:

How to Move within California with Mentors Moving and Storage

The best way to move within California is to hire a reliable statewide moving company. They will simplify your life and help you complete the job in record time. A professional crew will offer an array of valuable series that will make the journey much less complicated

A moving coordinator will organize the process and create a plan of action to instruct the crew at maximum efficiency. If needed, the crew can also supply boxes and pack all your belongings as safely as possible. They can disassemble furniture whenever necessary and ensure heavy objects are properly handled and loaded into the truck. 

Once everything is in the car, they will transport your belongings to the destination and unload all your boxes and furniture. They will also reassemble your furniture in your new home and ensure boxes end up in the appropriate rooms if necessary. They can also move large objects, including appliances (connecting/disconnecting is not included). 

Hiring a qualified Santa Rosa intrastate moving company helps reduce stress and anxiety by leaving less up to chance. Many things can go wrong on the big day, which can be prevented by hiring trustworthy professionals. You won’t have to rely on friends and family who may or may not come through, and you can free up your time to focus on more important matters. So why risk overextending yourself and hire a full-service California intrastate moving company today.

How Much is a California Intrastate Move?

Before hiring any Santa Rosa movers, you’ll want to know how much the service will cost. It’s easier to estimate the price of an intrastate relocation by providing some basic information on the job. A crew of professionals will set their rates based on factors impacting the difficulty of the journey.

Factors that impact pricing include:
Some factors you can control, while others are out of your hands. For instance, you may need to move over a holiday because that’s when your lease ends or you have time off from work. But you can always save money by packing on your own or having a yard sale to eliminate junk.

Reach out directly if you want to know how much your relocation will cost. Our team of experts will use a moving calculator to create a detailed assessment of the job. We will then give you an affordable estimate based on your data. We offer both in-home and virtual estimates. Many of our clients enjoy the ease and flexibility of our virtual survey because you can complete it entirely online. But we are happy to do whatever makes you feel most comfortable.

Choosing the Best California Statewide Movers

In addition to the costs, you’ll also want to be sure that you hire the best Santa Rosa intrastate moving company to handle the job. Before you choose a particular company, it’s crucial to do some preliminary research to verify they are qualified and experienced.
At Mentor Moving and Storage, we have a crew of over 30 team members and perform about 1,200 moves per year. We offer guaranteed pickup and delivery dates for intrastate moves and a flat rate on all interstate moves. We also use dedicated trucks with you from start to finish and our drivers are employed by the company, not contractors. We have the proper licenses and insurance policies, including auto, cargo, workman’s comp, general liability, and warehouse. Plus, we require our crew to undergo a 160-hour training program to learn the art of packing, organizing, disassembling furniture, and safely transporting belongings.
So, if you’re ready to hire the best intrastate moving company in Santa Rosa, get in touch today. Our team of professionals will be happy to help you safely transition into your new home. We cover Santa Rosa, all of Sonoma County, and the entire Santa-Rosa-Petaluma metropolitan area. Call 707-205-3548 or fill out the form on our website to request a quote today.